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The Best Way of Healing Yourself
by Elisabeth Thaler

Jasmine offers individual consultations as an Intuitive Consultant, Spiritual Counselor, and Personal Facilitator, specializing in looking at the meaning of what one is dealing with, as well as personal and spiritual growth issues. She uses her intuitive abilities to provide clients with insight, so as to facilitate them in their process and in making their own decisions, as well as to shed light on troubling areas of their lives. In this respect, she serves as a guide for others.

" Jasmine is particularly gifted in reading people. In an intuitive session, Jasmine "tunes in" and reads clients' energy, actually connecting with them and experiencing their energy. This gives information on essence (who one uniquely is on the inside) and what is going on internally. This information can be the most significant in the session because working with our internal energy can often help us change the external factors in our lives.

In "tuning in" and receiving information, Jasmine strives to give as clear information as possible, unaffected or polluted by any of her own personal "stuff." Thus, she is a clear channel and does not have or bring a personal agenda into her work.

Jasmine is neither a fortune-teller or typical "psychic." She has a strong spiritual and mystical orientation. Jasmine's intuition is multi-faceted and complex. She has multi-level and multi-dimensional consciousness, sensing, and intelligence. In a session, Jasmine directly experiences pure energy and information that is preverbal and exists on a higher level than our three-dimensional reality, a level of pure meaning that precedes and creates form.

Jasmine also receives information on anything a person is dealing with: spiritual growth, relationships, career and finances, health, Kundalini-energy, the rule of your soul , past lives, your possibilities of future . She strives to provide helpful answers to clients' questions, no matter what the topic is. Which all of the readings can be done with picture as well as personal meeting.

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