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The appropriate thing for everyone to learn:

  • Learning more about your personality and behavioral style, you will be able to better understand the impact you have upon others in your family background and how to improve your personal effectiveness.
  • Learning more about your creativity and problem solving style, you will be able to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of different styles, and how to respond, manage innovation and change more effectively.
  • Learn the most effective methods and exercises. How does feeling imprint memory and guide you to release negative emotions such as fear, anger, depression, guilt, and jealousy. Releasing the negative emotions you have been carrying around with you, will help you feel more free and peaceful. Be more aware of your emotions and guide yourself with positive emotions. You will be able to move on and live with a healthier life.
  • Learn how to get rid of the weaknesses and emptiness by becoming aware of various kinds of dynamism, motives, values, sociability, openness, and anxieties with a self-realization of your whole being.
  • Learn more about your personal and management competencies with a greater awareness. By opening and focusing your consciousness with the power of your truth, you are enabled to easily know the true meaning of your life and what you want in order to be creative in a leadership or management role.

The Eight Great Treasures of Wisdom

1. Private Sessions and Life Counselling

2. Awakening the Healing Energy 3. Health and Longevity Research 4. Professional Seminars 5. Spiritual Movement, Art and Culture

6. The power of awareness and wisdom

From experience with the cancer treatment with Chemo and Radiation therapy. Jasmine has found out the best way to heal herself and get herself out of the negative energy by being aware of the energy flow inside her body. Which is developing from her own teaching method for 30 years. By maintenance to be center and ground and aware her inner energy. See and work on each part of the energy lines find out the root of the causing her sickness. Make love to her pains be friends with her intuition. Be more aware of what's deeply behind this pains went to the past life as the ordinary root of causing this pains, work on this step by step. With 6 months she was able to recover her health from this treatment with a very good result as she know what' deep karma's pattern behind her illness. 2017 Jasmine is providing the key to get rid of the pains by teaching the patient to heal themselves intuitively. Name the Intuitive Healing.

7. The power of truth

8. World of self-Expression with love and peace

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