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Professional Seminars Introduction to Kundalini Energy
Kundalini is a name for the energy that travels up the spine. Everyone already has some kundalini energy flowing through their spine and regulating the amount of consciousness that they have. There is a difference in amount of kundalini flow between periods of very deep and penetrating thought and at other times when thoughts are sluggish in comparison.

The kundalini is often experienced as a snake or serpent. In some lines of thought, possibly represented in part by the stories of the garden of Eden and of the fallen angels, the serpent became overly bold, proud and egotistical and defied God and natural laws.

The result was that the serpent was made to crawl on its belly, sent to the base of the spine to await the return of God, the Source or the Light. God would release it after sufficient repentance and re-dedication of the self to the light or source and upon the grace of God.

On one level it is mythology but on another level it is an accurate representation of how the kundalini tends to function. Even the image of a snake can be valuable for some people do actually experience the kundalini as a snake going up the spine.

The medical symbol is also good protrayal of the kundalini. It has three currents of energy, one up the spine and one to each side of the spine and criss-crossing through each chakra. Some people experience the criss-crossing through each chakra. Some people experience the criss-crossing as the male and female aspects of themselves, which are common to everyone.

Kundalini energy comes with your body. Ever since there has been a body on this planet, there has been kundalini. This energy is not a mystical commodity available only to the spiritually wealthy. If you have a body you have Kundalini energy. It is experienced by white haired lotus seated gurus, housewives whose only meditation is washing dishes , and children whose boundless energy gets them labeled as " hyperactive". Kundalini energy in these types of people is the same energy vibration, but each one calls it by a different name.

Kundalini energy is a type of energy that purifies the body. Most people who become aware of their spiritual energies and learn to use it, begin to run this kundalini energy. Sometimes, however, this energy "pops" open through a trauma a stressful situation, or by learning how to use it. Unfortunately, when this happens and before it is handled correctly, many problems arise due to a lack of misunderstanding and the inability to control the energy.

Some of the things that a person who has an uncontrolled kundalini "rush" experiences can be:
  • flushing of the skin
  • clamminess
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • pounding, rapid heartbeat
  • lowered blood pressure
  • passing out
  • explosions or lights in their heads
  • visions or seeing spirits, auras
  • hearing of bells, symphonies, waterfalls
  • inability to move due to excruciating middle or lower back pain
  • involuntary movements of limbs and head
  • inability to rest or sleep
  • nausea
  • hot and cold flashes
  • hyperventilation
Some of these symptoms in the medical field would indicate a life threatening situation. However, in the case of a kundalini experience, which is a spiritual conditoin manifested in the body, too much medical treatment sometimes creates a life threatening situation.

Medical diagnoses for kundalini "symptoms" range from "Don't worry and relax" to this is an emergency.
The main areas of diagnosis seem to be:
  1. central and autonomic nervous system disorder
  2. cardiovascular system disorder and disease
  3. metabolic disorder
  4. psychotic disorder
However many people could be helped differently, if before it is to late , received "energy balancing" and counseling about their "kundalini" in order to learn utilise this energy for the benefit of their own health and creativity, and that of others.

The kundalini normally comes up, at least in part, at the end of the process. It travels along the spinal column going up the spine. If, after going through the process, the person attempts to keep themselves purified, then the intensity of the kundalini is increased, possibly for up to six months.

It is not advisable to encourage the kundalini to rise prior to its proper time unless the way is prepared by going through the process, and being under the guidance of a skilled teacher.

The kundalini cleanses and lightens up the bodies and chakras. it also helps to stabilize and promote spiritual growth.

You will learn to:

  • Learn about kundalini energy and what is the meaning of this sacred energy.

  • How does this energy work and how to develop the power of kundalini energy.

  • Learn how to align your kundalini energy with the most effective and healthy method.

  • Practice using kundalini energy to remove poisonous substances out of plants and food.

  • Practice techniques to balance and cultivate a profound relationship with the energy of male and female.

  • Learn to balance the five elements on the physical level.

  • Experience kundalini sensations between the spiritual and physical level

  • Learn to use kundalini for internal and external healing.

  • Protect the chakras on higher levels.

  • Perceive patterns of karma between individuals, in a group, or a family and their healing patterns.

  • Experience the use of kundalini energy for healing most effectively.



For twenty years of the school not so many students are ready and be able to finish and practise Kundalini Energy Healing. Until now we have only two students that had been practised and giving this powerful healing techniques to clients.

The first one is Marius Anholt has completed the three levels of Kunalini Healing techniques. That is available with online healing.

The second one is Santi

Welcome experimenting by using kundalini energy a most powerful healing technique. It will be a unique opportunity you give yourself and as a way to help local charity.

(in English and Spanish)

Kundalini is a special energy located inside our spine, behind one of our energy centers. Being a part of our consciousness, able to "awake" and circulate through our body, it has the capability to change our consciousness, as a source of psychic and libidinous energy. By developing kundalini, it becomes possible to use it for innerself healing as well as patient healing.

During this training, we are glad to offer you:

Feed Back of the KUNDALINI HEALING SESSIONS with Santi

Khun Lek:
I feel i could sit and be very enlighten with i had never been able to. I feel so much is caming out of my center head and i start to see so many vision. I didn't know that time has past away already two hours. And Santi he told me he did heal me with only two part of my bodies. I do really like it that i can go deep intrance with out i have to do anything by myself.

Sandra from USA:
I feel that he is working very details with all diffirent part of my body. Like doctor do my surgery with lazer chi. I feel very relax, light and part of the pains very deep is moving out of my body. It's amazing how young man can do this.

She was sick with cold and strong headached. During the healing she could feel first very dizzi and want to through up. Then after feel more heart beate very strong. After she feel a lot of pains want to move out at the top part of the head and her tailbone. She feel so much cold and fever start to move out and feel much light and more relax after the sessions.

If you know someone who might need to have an enhanced overview and clear insight into the situations in the their lives, please let them know.

We offer two sessions each day. FREE OF CHARGE
From 1.00 - 4 p.m at Pothiyalai Center or Sunshine Massage School. You can call direct to Santi with 084/1692341 or email us at jadequeen168@gmail.com

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