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One of the best ways to help students is to assist them in setting up   their own business   as clairvoyant and spiritual counsellor.  Jasmine Vishanu with her 20 years of experience of this spiritual path,   has decided to give  her name as guarantee for the quality of her students work and will   allow the students   to name their center Pothiyalai.   

At the moment more than 200 students of Jasmine are trained and ready   to set up their own center.  Jasmine is always looking for the best way to support them and make   their dreams come true.   

She is starting to set up a franchise opportunity for her own students   who are trained the full   professional  program of 500 hours.  This means that the student has passed the Basic Self   Improvement,Advanced Self Improvement,  clairvoyant ,Master and Awakening Healing training.  After finishing this 500 hours training the student will be able to   give healing life readings  and guide their own clients in the trance state to process their energy   cleaning out the negative   energy and heal their past traumas in the same way Jasmine herself   does.   

At the moment she has the following target areas for opening the   franchises in different parts  of the world i.e. the Phillipines, USA, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, Indonesia, Germany, England, France and Spain.

Now there is a good opportunity for all the students to join their   dream with Jasmine.  Please contact her direct for more information at: jadequeen168@gmail.com

Cash Requirements: to find the location and set up the center
Investment Range: for the Professional Training classes
Business Type: Franchise

There is no need for previous experience, as you will receive complete Professional Training package from Jasmine. Jasmine is now offering you the opportunity to benefit from her 20 years experience with a franchise option.

You can turn your dream into reality and be your own boss, create a new   career and begin to   enjoy the many benefits of business ownership.Finding the right   profession including working  with people you like and work in an environment in which you can be   your true self.  It is challenging for everyone.  Spiritual guidance is the best profession for someone who needs freedom   in their work and   lifestyle.  The ability will be with you forever, no one can take this away from you.  Are you ready for that change? 
  • Improving yourself with healthy chi
  • Be Great Healer
  • Be Clairvoyant
  • Be Spiritual guidance and counseling
Our spiritual guidance and healing with high quality results and will serve with great honest. With give you a vision of whats you can do in life? This business model enables clients to come regularly because our services are affordable.

We will train you in 3 months which includes classroom and on-the-job training in the following areas:
  • Center operations
  • Therapist training
  • Marketing your Center
  • Accounting and Financial Systems
We provide advertising package specifically for your trade area, as well as production and strategic assistance with your on-going local marketing efforts. We and you are work as the team.
  • Access to operational systems
  • Location assistance
  • Office design guidance
  • Equipment ordering guidances
  • Training program
  • Operations Manual
  • Periodic evaluations and ongoing support
  • Marketing guidance

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