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From student to student from classe to class almost make me laught with tear in my eyes. During i am writing this to all my students. To let's them know how much i had learn from them. How much they have been supporting me to work on this path. . During this 10 years of developing and growing my wisdom of teaching in this spiritual path. I don't have a lot of students but each one of them are my best students.

I have been involve very deep with many detalils issues and subject of each students like that's issue and subject is my part of learning experience. I have been growing up a lot in the last 10 years with their great support with clear understanding in our relationship as teacher and students. As mother to the son and dauther. As the friend to the friend. I and my students we are knowing each other very deep and we are helping each other to grow more and more deep and deep. For me more than anything they have been giving to me is their trust with so much love, respect, friendship. Each time they are visiting or leaving. My heart told me we are one with the same truth. We are in the same path we are family. All what's i am writing about them is coming from the bottom of my heart that i would like to share my truth with them. Each of my students is like diffirent flawers that have diffirent colours and diffirent shapes But one thing they alls have "beathy"and " healthy mind" with the great spiritual essentials.

Marius Anholt 

For 25 years experience as the manager banking  in Isael. Who has no ideas about the energy work. After his retirement he has  been travelling all over the world to find the meaning of his life. In the year 2001 he has found Jasmine Vishanu and ask her to help him to see Aura. Just one question he has asked.  After his 3 years of invest his energy, money and time to  find out about himself with many diffirent  classes as Hamony Life-Force for Healthy and Well Being, Expressive Dance, Basic Self- Improvement Training, Advanced Self- Improvement Training, Clairvoyant Training, Master Training, Light-body Training, Chanelling Training, Kundalini Training, Ulterior Kundalini Training, The exploration and enrichment of a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Ulterior Kundalini Healing Training
Right now he has known  as the Master Healer in  Kundaline energy healing. He is working in Isael , Nederland, Australia  and Thailand. The last of his feedback is " My engineer friend that i had fear of his intellectual ability. Call me " Master Healer". and many of my friend know that i really be able to heal and see  the story behind the pains.

George Pestow

He was born into a German-Russian family in Bavaria, Germany, and emigrated to Canada in 1951. A certified educational specialist with a Master of Science degree in literary science, he decided to leave the teaching profession to pursue business interests in the United States in the areas of advertising, finance, marketing and health care.

On a continous spiritual quest, since first becoming a student of TM in 1969, he has benefited from the teachings of witness lee, several indian yogis and masters including sai baba. He has taken courses in personal self-development, meditation, hypnosis and energy conciousness. He has attended seminars offered in Avatar, Rudolf Steiner Institute, Monroe Institute, School of Energy Consciousness and the Pothiyalai Center.

He found his greatest achievement with the Pothiyalai Center, as he was able to successfully complete four levels of professional training. He has found great joy and satisfaction in his energy work here, that he decided to become involved as a text editor for the Pothiyalai website and a shareholder of Pure Virtue Resources, involved the building of an extended stay health center retreat. He believes the work and practice of the Pothiyalai Center has greatly advanced his spiritual evolution, and is ever thankful for the help and assistance of his teacher Jasmine. He will forever see himself as the faithful student, who is always willing to learn more.

Daphne Davis

She was the youngest and most honour and sincere students that i had so far. I knew her from Ed. She had helped Ed to do writing work. So after she got the reading she is the only one that come right a way on the private sessions with so much discipline on time and schedule. I can easily teach her almost everything she want to learn. Because she has stayed very long with me in the same house during her classes. Her classes went so well.

After had done two intensive classes. She has been working as clairvoyant and guiding clients and giving workshop in USA. In the same time she has continued and completed her master degree on psychology.

Now she is making and completing her CD of teaching with she has learned from the pothiyalai method.


Santi is the man that looking for something not like most of man are looking for. He is the man that so direct and move forward for deep meaning in life more than family and money.

Santi comes from Spain. Came to Thailand to continue his massage classes.Finally he has end up with the intensive classes with the pothiyalai. Now he is finished 360 hours and be able to use his Kundalini Healing to heal clients with very deep issue of pains and energy block.

So try his energy work while he is living here now in Chiangmai. By make appointment by e-mail: jadequeen168@gmail.com or call: Jasmine 081-8828026.

Ed Strachar

He is the man that has high speed of intellectual and intuition. During his classes was very difficult to guide and teach him. Finally after year he could made it by finished 480 hours with Basic Self-improvement, Clairvoyant training, Chanelling and Kundalini energy, Ed has writed many book and make many products out of his classes. Now almost 10 years i had known him. He is the man that could do many thing that many peaple couldn't do it. He had visited me three weeks ago i could see so much change in him. He is more quite and truthful than before. He could also can listen to my advice and easy to see the way to get out of his problems. Seem to me he has get rid of a lot of his big ego.

Jocelyn Lacroix

I was surprised when i came down and saw smart young man with his bike in my garden. I laught and asked him. You came to visit me with your bike. Oh..God is too far with the bike. He was smile and told me. Yes becasue of your brochure made me came here. Until now he had learned until finished the clairvoyant training with me and he is the one that very much do thing follow his dream . One thing he had done so far is learn the gemoloby in Paris. Jo had done the most of the classes with Daphny and Danny. That's time he was so yourng to do all of this work.(specially for man) One month ago he had called me from Paris in the midnight. Hope he will be able to make his dream come through.


I almost forget to add her in this page because is not so easy to tell thing about Danny. She has finished classes with Daphny and Jo. That she could guilde and do reading on clients but she is more focus on her photography. Now she has finished her study and teach in USA.


He is nice and very gentle. He came to visit me with his Dennish friend. Yes. he came to check about me and then after check me out with many questions he start to be my student. He has done Basic and Advance Self-Improvement with he could guide clients to get rid of all the energy blocks.

Maria from Phillipine

Maria is look like quite and very deep intelligence girl that came to do the Basic Self-Improvement training with Bruno and another Maria. During the training we have a lot of fun with we are doing so manything together like good teamwork.In this class i can see how happy and easy i can teach and guide all of them like what's i have i want to teach as much as they could be able to take and all of them are one of my best group to teach. Maria is the young lady that look so chick and simple and complax. All very easy to teach even the clairvoyant training she is getting so easy to do reading with out any doubt. For me she is a little similar to Daphny. Because both so young and know so well what's they want to be. She had given the reading to my older sister with very accurate and very sharp with meeting with clear picture too. Now she should do a lot of work in Phillipine already.

Maria from USA

She is very nice and sweet lady that had learn how to heal her sickness with the Basic Self-Improvement. She is very honour and sweet with so much power in her. She has big heart open.

Swanje, Germany

Swanje is nice and very na-eve. She has finished Basic Self-Improvement,Advance Self-Improvement,Clairvoyant training, Master Training. Healing training. Now she is working in Germany. If someone need reading and self-processing in Germany please let's me know.

Chandra from USA

Chandra had the reading and went away for almost 9 monthes and came back with 120 hours of Basic Self-Improvement training during her class with Ralf Marzen from German. Both are very good teamwork in all the training. Chandra are so sensitive to coffee during the class she has tried out the coffee detoxin and couldn't sleep. During the class i can see how truthful and how serious they were working during their class.They had help me a lot to find out a lot of truth behind my fear. I had many tears during i was teaching both of them because i had found out a lot of my deepest pains and fears with still in me after 10 years. Thanks for helping me to develop and be more creative with exploring the Kundalini Energy during teaching both of them.

Ralf Marzen from Germany

Ralf is nice and weet gentleman that so much want to work very deep inside himself. After reading he had done 5 sessions of self-processing with all the sessions so much energy need to get out of his body. His works so intensive each sessions finished he is so tried and almost sleep after that immediatly. His eyes told me a lot of interesting on what's going on with in himself and somuch energy need to come out. After when back to Germany then he had returned with Basic Self-Improvement training with Chandra. Both of them is really good teamwork they are sharing manything together and with very good quality of understanding all their self-process so deep and so truthful. Specially after that later Ralf had continued the Kundalini Training with 60 hours and still had not return to complete another half of the class. Because during the class so much going on with his energy.

Ralf is welknown teacher from Sunshine massage school he is the one that told me what's he want to do in Thailand.He told me about Max is going to build up Sunshine Massage school in Chiangmai. Right now i and Max are good friend. So thanks for Ralf and Robert that had brough me and Max to be friend.

Ralf has visit me one year later for reading. He told me" Jasmine my body start to checking up so much when i had made appointment for this reading". During i had given him reading he is starting to see so many with in me as well. Some how we had same understanding and repect each other very much. Then last year i met him for the reading this time Ralf is more stay still and more serious and ready to commit to be a man for his partnership. I see some great responsibility with in him even now i can see a lot of change is going in him.

Neil from Indonesia

Neil dress like the Tibet monk with very soft and gentle smile. He has reading and begining with Basic Self Improvement training alone. He is working so intensive and very fast with like he had done it before. After during the decision to continue with the Clairvoyant training he want to go to visit Himalaya. So i had let's him go and since after the Himalaya tip. He had chance his mind to not continue working on the clairvoyant trianing.

Kristen from England

She is vey brilliant with her talents and sensibility. She came for reading from someone told her about me. And after the reading i had seen many picture of Neil. So thanks Neil to guide her to my class. Kirsten is so good with very direct communicate and confrontation with all what's going on with in her so clear and so deep. I am rally happy to work with her with in 120 hours she could learn almost 2 intensive classes together. She is taking so easy and very intensive. I had guided her with the same class of Swanje and both are so special to tune and play with pingpong ball. During the class i had a lot of fun with both of them. they are really very good with very clear and clean.

Holly Ferguson from USA

I have to laugh when i am thinking of how she is look like. My older brother call her the aunt with sawing bag. She came to wait for reading for more than hour. When she had came in the room i feel like i need to do very good reading because i had feeled something is are ready to come out. After reading i had opened my eyes infront of me is like a little girl that need to act old because he could n't be a child. She has starting immediatly for Self-Improvement sessions. And continue with 240 hours of Basic Self-Improvement and Clairvoyant training. Most of her class she is alone and working so intense and patience with in herself and so many clear vision and feeling was flooding out like waterfall. I saw and felt so sorry for all her pains. I started to feel like i won't be able to let's any one hurt her anymore. Many trully love and compassion and understanding is happening inside our connection. Until now i am feel her with very deep in my heart and very much want to tell her i do love and care for her a lot.

Heidi Ferguson from USA

Heidi is the younger sister of Holly. I know some of her story from Holly before she had visited me for the reading. During the reading she acted as nothing special for her at all. Just a few word came out. After that the 5 sessions to check out how the system of my work would effect to her. She went away because she couldn't let's me be like her mother. Oh..my God ...i had never met such difficult and so strong on defensing herself form her family. I got 5 steps away from her and complete let's her go. Nine monthes later she has return with full payment of 4 intensive classes for 480 hours. My God is so difficult and not easy to teach her at all. I am reminding myself all the time. God please guide me to be able to teach Heidi. She is so sensitive for every word and everything. From day to month we had becamed very deep connect to each other like i can talk to her so much as i had never talk to any of my students. And she could understand herself more clear and be more clean. All the time is so angry with me. Many time she is screeming at me stop to make me work on this i am tried and get so much hurt . I hate to come back for the class i don't want to do yourway i want to do my way. One thing was empressed me when her mother had called the day that she has been working on difficulty's childhood experience I was in the barhroom just began to shawer the telephone had rang and the voice of lady with somuch worry about her daughter. And how much she keep saying thank you for me to look after Heidi...is made me have more energy to work with Heidi more.

HHHa...Oh my God after 5 months we are workign together. I love her and understand her so much as i do understand myself. She is never want to do the way i had taught the other students. So during the 5 monthes working with me. God had given me so heard times to teach the most difficulty students in the same time. Many time i had walked out from the class to get some air i had swared to God. My God i hope i will not give up on this professional. Heidi is screeming in big meditation room and Tomoko is crying so silence inside the small meditation room. Every time i saw both of them i had to look up to sky and speak out to God. My God what's you want to teach me with these two students made me almost lose all the appitite of teaching. This classes for both of them like bitter and sweet with in my heart and toung.Finally the Heidi had complete her long term classes with she had draw all what 's her reading about and her vision about. She could health me very far and very exactly point out all the part of my body. I love and respect her ability and freedom alot. We are now know and trust each other very much on all the connections. Thanks Heidi you had taught me. How to be the teacher with this knowledge and talents i have. thank you with full of my love.

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