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Professional Seminars Introduction to the Light Body

We function in a body of some sort, whether it is a physical body or a light body. Mystery schools call it the solar body, or in the Taoist tradition, the diamond body, or in yoga, the adamantine nirvajra body. Tibetan Buddhism calls it the light body or the rainbow body.Christianity calls it the resurrection body.

The vehicle for consciousness, which can best be described as essentially deathless is composed of a substance other than the carbon-based body that you and I are using right now as we communicate. Nevertheless, it is still a body, not ultimate and still a containment of consciousness unequal to the whole. Psychic abilities present in a person show that individuals exist at different basic stages of consciousness, This would suggest that everyone needs something different to grow. For example, those on the egoic level might benefit from some ego-strengthening psychotherapy, but spiritual practices in general would be ineffective and inappropriate for them.

During this seminar you will learn techniques to experience love, to remember your higher purpose in life and existence, to communicate healing qualities, to increase personal power, to live with integrity, to become divine light to increase your cell activation so your cells can hold more divine essence and to be a stable point of light for the world Also to experience your Higher Self, to increase your awareness, to develop balance and flexibility, to work together with the planet and its planetary beings and energies, to develop clairvoyance, to transform energies into a higher vibration to develop bliss to connect with the celestial realms to build solar light to develop your ability and to travel in higher dimensions and many more techniques will be learned.

You will learn to:

  • Project or create an immortal light-body out of yourself.

  • Travel out of your body in an astral-mental and spiritual form.

  • Find the optimal time to meditate.

  • Need less food and less sleep.

  • Practice energy techniques to remove poisonous substances out of plants and food.

  • Balance the energy for women who are in the vicinity of men.

  • Balance the energy for men who are in the vicinity of women.

  • Perceive your own fate and the fate of others.

  • Connect with spiritual helpers from various earth-lives.

  • Communicate with the archetypes of an individual human being.

  • Protect the chakras on higher levels.

  • Perform light body Readings to test spiritual beings and perceive their energy level.

  • Perceive patterns of karma between individuals, in a group or a family and learn about their healing patterns.

  • Make your physical body measurably heavier then lighter.

  • Learn how to align the astral body.

  • Travel out of your body in an astral, mental and spiritual form.

  • Work with the new light- grid system and read books with your intuition which allows for faster and deeper comprehension.

  • Practice Remote viewing, creating your future self.

Some of the topics can change from time to time, depending on the individual participants.

Further studies offer the possibility to become a seminar teacher or to undertake research and join the degree program. Seminars geared towards professionals and executives are also available, where they learn to develop their clairvoyant and intuitive skill for on the job applications. Students will also learn to "read" prospective employees and their workspace .


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