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Gifted at birth with a special skill

Jasmine firsThe Foundert earned a Bachelor's degree in Business from Sukhothai Thummathirath University.

With over 13 years of international experience from Thailand to Hawaii, from Belgium to Germany and Austria, Jasmine specializes in looking at the meaning of what one is dealing with, as well as personal and spiritual growth issues. She uses her intuitive abilities to provide clients with the insight to facilitate them in their growth process in making their own decisions, as well as shedding light on troubling areas of their lives. In this respect, she serves as a guide for others. She has a strong spiritual and mystical orientation. Jasmine's intuition is multi-faceted and complex. She has multi-level and multi-dimensional consciousness, sensing, and intelligence. In a session, Jasmine directly experiences pure energy and information that is preverbal and exists on a higher level than our three-dimensional reality; this level is of pure meaning that precedes and creates form.

During her eight years of working with the Pothiyalai Center, she is more aware of her ability to be neutral and of the power of truth She works with clients from Monday thru Friday from the hours of 8 am to 5 pm. The main emphasis of her work project is focused on a professional clientele, who are highly developed intellectually. These clients have changed their direction in life and have become more spiritual, and now desire to work with the higher powers of intuition and self-awareness. After 5 pm, she is also quite busy doing private sessions as well as private readings.

To make her programs uniquely effective, much more approach to gifted education, Jasmine focuses on single subjects. By replicates immersion-style learning atmospheres, in which research indicates students learn most quickly and efficiently. Students who participate in immersion learning retain more of what they learn and get more enjoyment out of the learning process.

Immersion learning truly works: Immersion allows students to stay on task, and by necessarily focusing on a single subject and thus using the available class time to more effectively, as little of time spent is on setting down and shifting gears from a prior class.

Immersion allows Jasmine to undertake any number of engaging hands-on simulations to keep students engaged. Bringing gifted students with similar interests together in the same program fosters a supportive community and a positive culture in which learning and being more wise are valued with higher levels of accomplishment and achievement.

Immersion programs have been found to be the most effective way to undertake the of advance students across the world.

She has been highly sought after to help people in their quest for a deeper understanding of themselves and their life. In her experience, anyone with the necessary training and proper motivation can reach a level of self-knowledge that has previously been unattainable to the average man. Through training with the latest and most effective methods to experience and actualize your untapped potential, your horizons of awareness will be expanded into all levels of consciousness. As a result, you will think clearer, act more decisively, and experience others in a new light.

In1989, Dr. Vishnu and Jasmine founded the ISI School (Internationalen Schule fuer Intuitionsentwicklung) with locations in Germany and Austria.  The ISI School of Life Counseling offers training whereby anyone with proper motivation can attain a level of self-knowledge that has previously been unattainable to the average man.

By training the individual to experience and actualize untapped potential, as well as evolutionary growth and development, the students' horizons of awareness are expanded into all levels of consciousness.

In 1997
After also being a reknowned teacher of clairvoyance, Jasmine decided to return home to Northern Thailand, where she has subsequently built the Pothiyalai Center on the 13 January 1999.

The year 2002
Marks the 15th anniversary of Jasmines experience of working with clients and students. She is developing a new system of work with the EXPRESSIVE DANCE CLASS (will be available on DVD soon!)

The year 2003
Jasmine is developing a higher level of Ulterior Kundalini Healing. This method of healing has been developed by Jasmine Vishnu, an experienced professional in Clairvoyant and Spiritual Counseling. During her deep work with clients and students in each class, she has been very strong in developing her talents with a deeper level of healing. Ulterior Kundalini Healing is a healing technique where one can learn to use kundalini energy to scan deeper levels of blocks and see the past traumas of clients. By scanning the body with x-ray eyes, opens a wealth of information about the client, enabling the practitioner to be able to heal a client within a short time by releasing energy blocks and letting the client know what past traumas block the energy in their body. 

The year 2004
Jasmine is developing the deeper and higher level Kundalini Massage Therapy.

The year 2005
Jasmine is building up the health center retreat for extended in Meafag Sansai which very beautiful and peaceful peace of land full of mango and longan.

The year 2006
Develope to teach with Long Distance Training for the Advance Students

The year 2010  
Learn Craniosacral therapy. cranial-sacral therapy is an alternative therapy used by occupational therapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, naturopaths, and chiropractors. Craniosacral therapy was developed by Dr. John Upledger around 1983 and is loosely based on osteopathy in the cranial field (OCF), which was developed in 1899 by William Garner Sutherland. In the United States, OCF, or cranial osteopathy, as it is more commonly known, can only be practiced by fully licensed physicians (DOs, MDs, and, in some states licensed naturopathic physicians or NDs) and dentists. Cranial osteopathy is considered an extension of osteopathic medicine, and its training is therefore strictly regulated by the osteopathic medical profession and its governing bodies.

The settled scientific consensus is that craniosacral therapy is pseudoscience and its practice quackery. Medical research has concluded that there is no evidence for the therapy's effectiveness. However, research remains ongoing to determine if the mobility of the cranial bones exists and to determine if OCF can be shown to have any therapeutic applications 

The year 2012
Exercise her chi energy during the walk with the hiking and live in pure nature's power. Jasmine has learned how to listen to the power of natural energy by helping to activate and explored the kundalini Energy which she had through become more and more powerful for health and for longevity.

The year 2013
Practising and Teaching the Kundalini in the forest.That's more sensivie to receive all the message from power of nature with the group of advance students from Europe.

The year 2014
Jan - June has received the cancer treatment with Nano Cemo Therapy in China and Radio radiation in Chiangmai which is very strong drive her deep in her deepest level of self-awareness and travel out of her body to know the deep root of her soul ability and ability to see the life in the other dimension which in pains during her Cancer Treatment. Made she been believing in her past life experience which she has been training her soul with the Toalism is her root and her way to know more about every part of her self in much deeper meaning. Jasmine is starting to know her mission is possible by surrender to her fear and pains and enjoy it silently with the deepest of self-awareness

September had started giving the healing session in BK Thailand by one of her Thai students has arranged the clients which her weight of 31 kgs she has begun her work with so much involved with the higher self-guiding plus the super hight power teacher in the universe is within her and guide her to see her own past life karma. Which she needs to know and see very clear again within this life and surrender to be punished and get rid of these karma's pattern with her own intelligence wisdom of the powerful truth. She needs to complete within this life's time without she has to return here on earth again.

The year 2015 
Jasmine is starting to do research on all life of the person she was in her past life with the documentary of each one of them which during her neutral position and start to fully understand herself much more clearer than before. She is starting to know she is not here on earth alone but with the special gift she had. She is starting to appreciate her super hight master the yin (mother earth) and yang (father God) which is giving her so much energy to living within this life's time.

Jasmine is starting to teach long-distance training with FB Chat to HK, Spain, Russian and USA and Philippines students.

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