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Dear all clients and students:

I appreciate hearing about your experiences during your self-processing. In the same time i would love to thank you all of you for giving me a chance to know myself better with all situation of our work together. During all the works we are doing together have allowed me to explore who I am in your eyes.

I would like to share with you my own experience in this role as a teacher and spiritual guide from my perspective. So who I really am?

I know I am the person that can be anything in your eyes, depending on the quality of your ability of being, seeing and dealing with self-truth and awareness of your situations in life.

When all of you are in your self-processing, I am the receiver of all the energy that is projected from you. I can be anything during your own processing as each of you are evolving and growing.

In many ways, you see me as a result of your own self-processing. I am the projection of your own experience.

It's not easy to know what is right and wrong about whom I am if I don't know myself.

Who​ am​ I?

I am ground​ing​ deeply​ to​ the​ center​ Earth with full responsibility to myself and my being.

I am the mirror of fear.

I am the one who accepts the pains with the great compassion of death.

I am the mirror of emotions.

I am the fighter for the Truths​ with my​ purevertrue​ heart​ and​​ great honor within​ love and light.

I am the mirror of self-defense.

I am the one who loves myself and I am free.

I am the mirror of self-love and self-truth.

I am looking for all the lies in myself​ by​ learning​ and​ do​ing​ self​processing​ to​ see, feel, know, understanding​ of​ s

I am the mirror of self-expression.

I am in the center of the Sun-Moon looking deep into my​own​ illusions. with​ no​fear​ for​ final​prove​ God​ with​ in​ me.

I am the mirror of self-aware​ness​, conciousness, intuitive, intelligence, wise​ with​ my​ Neutro​Position​

I am the center of light and love.

I am the one who has nothing and who is no one.

I am free, I am the mirror of the truth.

Jasmine's clientele ranges from business people, bankers, writers, doctors, psychologists, teachers, engineers, travellers, spiritual healers, musicians and actors from all over the world. The following personal experiences have been contributed by former and current clients.

An Exceptional School in Focus
by Ulrike Weber
What's Reality?
by Olivier
Can Your Spirit use a lift?
by Ed Strachar
Facing Myself
by Daphne Davis

The Way of Honesty
By Jo
The Best Way of Healing Yourself
By Elisabeth Thaler

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I know some of you may be skeptical if we even have past lives, but from personal experience and everything that I've read, watched and learned over the last two decades, we absolutely do. All of us have lived before in a different body, different time and most likely a different place. And most of us have lived many lives, not just one.

When I started my spiritual awakening around the age of 20, I didn't believe in past lives. As a matter of fact, I thought it complete BS. But as I began my spiritual journey, I came to see that past lives are definitely real. Keep in mind that while the quality of your consciousness remains consistent as you progress from one life to another, your personality and body can be quite different. However, we do carry with us certain fears, skills and preferences from lifetime to lifetime.

Alright, so now my story. It began when I visited Asia for the first time. This is back in 2002 and I specifically went to Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I was to work as a writer for a fellow American. I won't mention his name, but at the time, he had a small following on the Internet as a guru of sorts. He claimed to be a healer, among other things, and was working with a very high level psychic woman named Jasmine. Jasmine was the real deal and this guy told me she was probably one of the top five psychics in the world. He implored me to get a reading from her.

I had never received a reading from a real psychic, so I was intrigued to find out what the experience would be like. This guy that hired me knew little about me. And Jasmine knew even less. All she knew was that I was an American writer. I sat down with Jasmine in her house for the reading, in a special room she designated for them.

She asked me to state my full name and birth date, which I did. She then closed her eyes and moved her hands around in the air, as if she was physically moving auras in the air.

After doing so, she sat quietly for a few seconds and proceeded to tell me about myself. The things she said were quite specific and I was blown away by how accurate she was. Some of the things she described were told in metaphors and some were not. After hearing her describe myself and my personality, I was convinced she was for real. Without asking, Jasmine then told me about my last three past lives. I'll share a bit about them with you.

So the first one, which is actually the furthest back, Jasmine said I was a Japanese woman. She said my husband died in battle and she saw me crying at home when I was notified of it. The second life I was a Russian man who wrote underground writings against the government. In the third and last incarnation I lived, I was Japanese again, but this time a man. I was an educator and rallied against government policy again. Jasmine said the things I wrote and said landed me in jail, where I lived out my final days. I died there in my 70s.

After telling me of my past lives, she told me of my future. I won't get into the details of it, since this is a video about remembering past lives. So what did I make of Jasmine's past life reading? Well, I saw a bunch of common themes throughout my last few lives, including this one. For example, in this lifetime I worked as both a teacher and writer and I have always been interested in conspiracy theories and pretty much against most government policy. I also have a strong interest in Asian culture.

My ex-wife is Thai and I ended up living in Thailand for two years, embracing the culture and even learning the language. I guess this also explains why I've had a strong interest in Buddhism and Taoism since I began my spiritual journey. What we have experienced and learned in our past lives seems to draw us back to those same things in this life time. We may not remember these subjects consciously, but we learn them quickly because we know them from before and have a strong interest.

Open Your Reality

Clairvoyance = Seeing Clearly

Clairvoyance is a form of ESP (extrasensory perception) and means different things to different people. Initially, it involves being able to see objects which the naked eye cannot detect. The psychic ability to see or sense people and things not present to those with ordinary perception. Clairvoyant experiences can be spontaneous or experimentally induced - by auto-suggestion or hypnotism. So-called 'X-ray clairvoyance' is the name given to the apparent faculty to see behind doors or into closed boxes. 

For others, spiritual counseling, or contact with the dead, the past and the future is perhaps the first (and last!) time that many will ever test the powers of a psychic.

Most psychics agree that every one of us possesses at least a little clairvoyance. Some call it intuition or instinct (the nose of the mind!), which boils down to simple equations such as 'love at first sight', or conversely, taking an instant dislike to someone you meet for the first time. It would seem to follow then that clairvoyance is a developed form of intuition - 
the 'right brain faculty'. 

If this theory is correct, then your psychic ego who lives in the right cerebral hemisphere is naturally clairvoyant. But his insights are suppressed by the 'practical' or 'rational' ego of the left, which is obsessed with coping with the present. This also means that, in order to activate the clairvoyant faculty, we only have to - in theory! - suppress the left-brain interference by 'soothing' it into quiescence.

It's the ability to harness that energy (or 'chi'), and to demonstrate it before others, that has fascinated mankind for centuries. Often, clairvoyants were branded as a heretic or of being in cahoots with the devil.

In the 16th century, Nostradamus claimed to have seen visions of flying machines, nuclear war, and other far-fetched prophecies. He was lucky to live in Montpelier at that time, and not on the Spanish side of the border where he would have certainly found himself on the rack of the Inquisition.

More recently, a well known clairvoyant, Bert Reese was arrested for 'disorderly conduct' after demonstrating his powers on a bewildered crowd. At his trial, he invited the judge to write something on three pieces of paper, fold them up and have each pressed against the accused man's forehead. Reese was able to state what was on all three pieces of paper. (Two of which were: "You have 15 dollars in that bank account"; and "This contains the name of a former governess of your children"). He was quickly acquitted. However, it is for a medical remedy that usually induces most people to visit a clairvoyant. When western medicine or pharmaceutical drugs fail to address the ailment, more and more people in this New Age are turning to clairvoyant healers to treat their aches and pains. Likewise in Chiang Mai, a city well versed in East-meets-West culture, holistic practices such as acupuncture, tai-chi, bioenergetics, and clairvoyance are in demand. (See this month's Citylife magazine insert: Guide to Health and Holistic Living.) One of several successful Chiang Mai practitioners is Jasmine Vishnu, back when Jasmine was in Grade 4, she was just sitting down at her desk for a mathematics exam when a strong voice from inside her told her explicitly that all 20 answers in the multi-choice test were Answer 'B'. She looked down at the paper, and as the voice confidently repeated the message, she obediently ticked every answer in the column 'B'. She scored 100% on that test.

Now in her 40s and radiating youth and health, Jasmine teaches holistic healing, spiritual counseling, and clairvoyance to foreign students at her house near Hang Dong(see page 66). She believes we are all born with a sense of clairvoyance: an intuition she refers to as the 'inner voice'. She fine-tunes the human body in a similar way to a mechanic working on a car, by balancing all the energy centres (Chakras) and helping others to realize that their ailments are psycho-somatic. "Nowadays, we listen to other people more than we listen to ourselves," says Jasmine "We must first learn to cleanse our Life Force Energy (Chi) and see clearly inside one and other. Then we can find out why we have pain or learn about who we really are." But beware. Jasmine is also a mind reader. "If I wanted to, I could see your ATM password number," she smiles, as I run for the door. 

by Colin Hinshelwood

July turned out to be so powerful for me! don't know how about the corridor of eclipses .. But the universe gives me the best. Strong shocks, blows and losses that turn out to be good for me. Encouraging everything I do and inspiration for a new ones..

But the main gift I got, was made by two people who are now my teachers .. It was like a miracle. They answered my letters - not at all as I expected .. And there was a feeling that they did not answer me at all. They just gave me which I - exactly at that moment! - waited and asked from God and universe! They provoked - for the umpteenth time! - the process of understanding me. In this world and in this life. My dear teachers, Ruesi Pothichan and Robert Henderson. I pray for you.

Alena Salty

I am a massage therapy had been working in the cruise a long Atlantic Ocean for many years. I came to interest in the energy work because of my work so much to do with energy block of clients. Within the same time during i had giving the massage my energy got marching to the clients energy many time had made me pains and num all over my shoulders and my hands. After had learn 60 hrs with Jasmine during my one month holiday i had be able to release most of my physical and emotion pains.I learn to speak out loud to many part of my body and let's my body talk to me freely as i had never done before i do feel like i became like a child again and start to enjoy and had so much fun to work with Jasmine's technique.

Now i am back to learn more with her and start to realised that anything in me had changed in the better understanding of myself and the nature of body that want to have my attention and my love and joy. I do allow many part of my body free and play with me as my little child good friend.

This make me have fun and know we all have our great body energy to help and guide us to heal ourselves just we need Jasmine as the body energy expert to guide us to know this part of ourselves. Thank you

Angelica from Nederland

I am the computer engineer but has so much interesting in the spiritual and energy work. I found Jasmine in the search engine. I asked her to teach me to build up my energy body.Which very much surprised to me that she is guiding me by using very easy method and make me feel so comfortable to work with her and be me with in the sometime. Each sessions i do feel she is real professional guidance with automatic system that she use had improved to me that she is skilful teacher and healer with so much fun of guiding and teaching. Thank you

Mohamed Ali from Dubai

I had booking the Self Processing first block with Jasmine to reboot up my life force energy. As i got so much pains and suffering from the the physical damage treatments for so long.

When i began with the first session that i am really focus and concentrate on my own energy. Jasmine had guide me with very easy way for me to get deep in touch with difference part of my body.

On the first day of my first time to work with Jasmine is one and half hour with Skype video. I do feel many of my energy lines is open and release a lot of pains out of my body with deep issue story link to my mother side. I become very comfortable to share my own story with her and feel more free to talk about my own problems. That's usually i can not ever talk about this at all with my mom because my mom will immediately judge me and push me away form her.

Jasmine is keeping me working deep issue to my left side of the body and my mother side and my feminine side. It's really unbelief that all the exercise she has guide me is has power to push up or boot up the deep connection between me and my mom. With in the same time i do feel my inner energy lines is open and fell more free to speak and to show my deep pains and sorrow out to her with out any hesitate.

As deeper i am working with her i do feel so much free and more clear which what's had happened to me in the past. I do understanding myself and my mom more and more and feel more free to talk to her clearly and sincerely and openly than before.

Thank you Jasmine and hope to work with you in the longer class period.

Tanya from Germany

I have no question because with in your reading you had pointed out all the details in every corner of my life situation so clear. How can you do all of this ?? You are very good . I have never get such clear and so accorate reading like this before. You hit right to my point that most of peaple don't know about me at all. I am so glad to make decision to have the reading with you. Thank you Gabrila

Gabrile from Zurick Schwitzerland

I have no question you had told me everything that i want to know about myself or even more than i can expect to hear it. I am so glad to continue the self processin with you for 5 sessions. I have learned so much with the sound and the power of stillness and claim and clear in my energies lines. And the deep truth of my traumas had came out a lot even i had done already so much healing and cleansing myself with many healer and peaple before. Jasmine is very good in guiding me to see all my energy blocks with in me so easy and so deep. Make me gain more power and clear view about myself and my way of developing my own energy. I will continue more sessions later next year. Thank you. Rob

Rob from Norway

Your reading is so right and accorate. I am so glad that i am able to have reading from you. Thank you. Michaela

Michaela from NZ

I have no question you are right on every topic that you see with in me better than Doctor had checked my body before. I am serprised how can you do this . You know my body as you are me but noone can feel and know my body like you do. You are so right on all the points you told me . My wife will call you for her appointment as well. Thank you. Balraj

Balraj from UK

Dear Jasmine

Lena said to meet & has sessions work with Jasmine . It's the best part of our trip to visit Thailand.

Jame&Lena from Russia

Dear Jasmine

I do feel so relax and deep touch to all the messages (what's you had mentioned) in the reading that you had given to me for 90 minutes.It's really the wonderful and amazing reading for me so far..

Janefer..from Ukrain

Dear Jasmine

Thank you for your kindness of great reading made me so clear where's and what's i can heal myself. And know where to go for the next step. All the pictures that you saw in the reading is really me is so amazing . Hope oneday i will be able to come back and learn how to work as you do. Big hugs.

Martin from Canada

Dear Jasmine

i have been searching for the best healer in the spiritual work that can teach me very clear with my kundalini energy block. I am so lucky to find you and take the 60 hrs class with you. Made me understanding and know how powerful of my kundalini energy i had and be able to let's it out smooth and harmony with in me and heal the others for the better benefit. The method is simple and easy but the results is amazing more than i can say with word. Thank you that you had acepted and teach me with clear and honourway. Love you my dear teacher.

Martin from Canada

Dear Jasmine

I am the spiritual healer from USA. It's frist time to visit Thailand. I am wonder if someone can work as good as quality as in USA. I am so lucky to meet and work with you. You are real spiritual healer and teacher. You are so clear so neutrol and full of love and understanding .Every step you guide me is immediatly hit to my energy point because you see all the energy flow with in me.It's so amazing that's your word in the session was so powerful with the right speed. When i am saying all the words you have giving me. It's hit my energy block like the needle of the great Chinese accupuncture made me cry with deep understanding of my real deep past traumas. I will come back to connitue to study with you again in June this year. See you soon my dear teacher. Matha Big hug

Naomi Elisabeth Adam

Dear Jasmine

Thank you very much to heal and help me past this difficulty period of my life. I was lucky that i came to work with you even in the short time i know i had made right decision to face myself with your price and with your service. It's first time that i had the experience to go deep with in my energy flow and vision and my old trauma that i had never done like this before even i had many sessions with many therapist in my country or with in my classroom that i am learning in the university and teaching in the class. Your guide so powerful and so smooth i couldn't hide and hold anything back anymore i do know immediatly every time i need your push or back up you are alway there with so much help and so much clear all the sessions i have with you is simple and so powerful techniques

One thing i do feel you have much better view and be very neutrol with easy to guide me in my sessions.     Thank you again for your patience and kindness.

Aron from Finland

Hi Jasmine

I hope all is well. Sorry it's taken a bit to get in touch with you. First off, I wanted to thank you so much for our sessions. I am feeling more at peace with some of the more difficult issues I had faced with my parents for my whole life, in particular my mother. I also am getting more confident with listening to my intuition, thanks to working with you. I did not end up getting to see my parents in Shanghai because it's was impossible for me to get a visa into China. With the Beijing Olympics in August, China is tight with visas for security reasons. I will see them in November which is just around the corner.

I also wanted to let you know I decided to take Ping Pong back with me to the United States. In listening to my gut, I know it's the right thing to do. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your offer to take him.

Thanks again for everything Jasmine. I'm so glad I found your flyer in Juicy 4 you. I hope to come back to Thailand next spring.

Take Care,


Amazing Jasmine

I came to visit Chiangmai like all the tourists do. But one thing is touch me so deep when i call and make apointment with the lady name Jasmine is the founder of the pothiyalai. After make apointment she had arranged all the transport for me. I came to see her in the area out of Chiangmai which the taxy driver seem to know her so well. When i had arrived i met the little Thai lady just smile and said to me "Come in please" and she has brought me to one of her meditation room which look so simple and so peaceful. When we both sit she told me please give her 5-10 minutes to set up her energy. I was so serprised because immediatly she close her eyes i could feel the energy of the whole room are pull down to earth and become so silience and peaceful like she bring me deep down to earth and when i realized i almost falling to sleep because so relax and comfortable. Then she said i will do your reading now. She has started which the details of myself which so much details that i am now realized why she need one and half hour to go in every part of my life and my energy.

I could see how deep she went inside me like warm kind and gentle energy go all over my body.During the reading is done i could feel her energy in each part of my body like she is operating me with her energy. I could feel and know that she has open and clean up a lot of thing inside me and tell me all the details of each part of her work to me as much as the time is available sometime she told me how painsful she has when she went deep to my pains. I could see several tears draining out of her eyes and in the same time is came out of my eyes as well. Like she is open herself and myself up in the same time but every time she is seeing me so clear in all kinds of pictures.

Now i fully understand why she is charging the reading with this price because she is using her energy to drive deep in me if she not nuetro and free of the pains she won't be able to get rid of the pains i am pasting to her body either.

All the details she told me is really so clear and so meaningful for me make me know what's i should do next in my life and help me easy to understand my situation better and easier to clear it out of my way.

After reading finished she has asked me. "Do you have any questions" I said NO. Just want to say how amazing Jasmine. Thank God to let's me meet one.

Bernadeth Mayer from Denmark

Jasmine thank you so much for all your teaching. It's really amazing as i thaught i had done so much of the spiritual work and now after i am doing the short training with you i do understand what' s my real problem that i had no ideas what's it for so long time. My god is so wird that so much i still had not learn it out of my own experience. So all your suggestion to me is hit me at the right spot i do need to work my problem out seriously and continuingly.    Well you right i should begin now as i am already here ...so see you soon then.

Wyne  Jacky

I had got some reading form the best shaman in the south of Africa in the last few year i thaught is not complare to what's i hear from your reading today. Many point of my life almost 99% is hit right to all the piont of my life as you said with all is right. Thank you for clear information and advice is really help me a lot to see and know what's i have to do and where i should begin mylife now.    

Petty ,Singapore

I do really like to learn and do what's you are doing. Some how during the reading  do feel you are going deep inside me like warm light energy made me feel so relax and so open for all your energy and after listen to all your word from reading and guiding me in the sessions i know you are really see and know all what's going on with in me nothing i can hide or runaway. I am so lucky to meet someone like this on my trip to asia ....thank and i will be back to continue my jurney with you again.    

Johanna, Malasia

Dear Jasmine, Your reading was very enlightening and accurate - your words rang especially true when you touched upon my previous relationship.

I came to Chiang Mai to spend time with myself, to explore inwardly for a few months. I'm very interested in your course but am struggling with the fee... I appreciate that you must put a price on your services that reflects the work that you do and as you explained so that people take the teachings seriously and are dedicated students - oh but I am! I don't know if you would do any concessions or means testing, a more condensed course, something, anything! as I would love to study with you....

Once again many thanks for your reading today.
Yours hopefully,

Dear Jasmine:

Thank you for your guiding i do feel so much diffirent.The first time in my life that i can feel and know and be able to say i am very beatiful and happy to be women.I am walking and smile and laugh about all what's happening inside me now i do feel so pround of my decision to meet you. From so many times i heard peaple said about your work and your cost. It's really scare me but in the same time also made me more curious. How you can do it? Why your charge is hight when complare to Thai massage classes or any energy work in Thailand. One day i said to myself when 's time is right i will visit you.

Jasmine. After the reading i know immediatly the money you charge is reasonable for what's your ability. My heart is more warm and more open for what's you told me about me in the reading. It's right if i am ready no matter what's can not block me to be your students. The money and time is not the problem at all. Now i am here with both feet on the ground and very much appliciate my decision to break my wall of money to visit you.

During the reading i already know something is changing inside me i know i be able to feel warm and your reading is so truthful is heal and help me to go forward and allow myself to open more and more. Part of myself start to have fear and curious to go further with the private session that you had offered for me. Part also fear to know all my junks is going to explore.

The day begin the 1st session i was a little bit nerves like i am going to some kind of examination. But after see your face and talk to you and after follow your structure for 5 minutes i do feel so light and relax and very easy to flow with in the energy work like wacthing my own story through the T.V. So much informations is coming out and i can see ,feel, know is real what's i am dealing with now. I am not wonder why so many peaple has recoment me to see you. For year and year i had tried to ascape to meet you. Now i know why i couldn't because you are real teacher and you let's me be the way i want to be. And so many thing is coming up during the sessions i know also is my own agenda that i had hide too long in my own system. Now is time for me to face this is me. Jasmine i am tried to hind my truth. I want to be free from all the pains and deep suffering i have. Now i know i am not alone here on earth. You show me my sensibility is part of my gift that i had since i was born. It's not bad to be sensitive and so clear with my feeling. I touch so deep with my inner feeling that had called me for so long long time.

Jasmine . Thank again to let's me know how much i mean to be here.

Harrison Wood, Jamaica

My God for my whole life when ever someone look or talk to me as i am women. Or call me lady i got so mad . Now i know why?Just in the first session of your guiding i find out why i don't like myself and the way i was. Lucky is not too late to change for me even now i am 45 yrs old.

Usually i have problem to get period for more than 12 yrs. But after the sessions my period came so easy and so much coming out. I khnow is coming from this work. My whole system is changing somuch like something is working very deep inside me. The energy is moving inside and make me do thing in better and easy way with out getting tried. Very curious to see what will come next after i have finished the whole training with you.

Thank God to send you here with us. I am so lucky and happy to learn and be here in Thailand with some one like you. Jasmine.

Julie Linz from Belgium

I couldn't keep my curiousity about how she is doing this reading. So my first question after reading is finished.I asked her how she knows me so well like she is living with me 200 yrs. Her reading is 99% accurate and hit to all the details point of my life as she is inside me. Wow...after reading i am continuing to work with her about the self-improvement sessions. With the frist session has hit me back to all the knowledge i had read and learn from diffirent teachers. All the technique she uses is like music so easy and simple but so effective. I get right to my point of problem and know immediatly this is the right method for me to learn and i gain so much benefit from her guiding me in trance with all the answer i have in come from my own experience during the sessions. I do feel so happy and very much want to come back to continue the classes with her again in July. I am so happy with 15 hours of self-improvement that she has guiding me.

Stephan, Germany.

I know Jasmine from Ed Strchar because he is telling about his teacher name Jasmine Vishanu, So when i got the the Sunshine massage school i had one of her brochure. I was so glad because before i just wrote her name in one of my note. Suddenly i am going to have reading with her. I am so glad and exciting. During the reading. I don't know how she know all my secret story and her reading is hit me 100%. In England i had not seen anyone as her. She is hitting to all the point of my life. Make me cry and cry and cry....Yes, a lot of emotions is coming out and i can feel during the reading she is opening many diffirent part of my energy center and lines to find out the informations and each time is hitting me so deep and so truthful to say she is the best with what's she is doing? Her reading and healing is go together so deep. After reading i was continuing with 5 sessions self-improvement with her and with this work is coming out so much information that i couldn't not imagine i could do it in the short perioud of time. The first 2 sessions i was so tried and very weak almost couldn't go through but seem so easy and simple for Jasmine. She just smile and said take a rest for 4 - 5 days and come back another 2 more days with i couldn't believe i could work 2.30 hours in each days. Look like she is knowing very well. What's she is doing and i do trust that i am in the good hands that full of experience. The last 2 sessions is done with out i even know she is guiding me to my main problems of life which she just telling me something and that story has hitting me immediatly and i was immediatly upset and so deep i went with that problems. From working with her 7.30 hours made me know myself so clear and i know i still have so much junks need to release and clean it out but i has to go back to UK. Hope in nearly future i would be able to come back and compleate the whole professional training with her.

Jan, UK

I saw Jasmine's brochure so many time in town i had no time to contact her. Until i said to myself after i got it again at the immegration office. I need to see this women. I got reading in the reading i could immediatly know she is knowing me so well. I have to work so deep on myself now. I had done 5 sessions with her immediatly next day and the results was amazing complare to many diffirent therapies i had done in the past.So easy and simple and so enjoyable until i 5 days past by i was compleated happy that i had not feel before. After 10 days of take time to make decision to come back . I try to work on my own with her system it's work but not so powerful as i was with her. So i came back with 60 hours with 30 days of work. Now i am so wird with what's i am dealing with? So much is going on and so much information is coming out.I start to free myself from many problems of my childhood with family upbringing connections. Now i am understanding myself more and more and more trusting on my own intuition and feeling. Happy to know why i am living not far from her after move away from home i know must be some reason behind this connections. Yes. my house just 10 minutes drive to her center.

Pathi, Nederland.

Dear Jasmine:

I'm sorry to rush out to the airport. During my flight back home. I am very much want to thankyou for all your helps. I was almost breakdown four weeks ago. During i had landed in BK. and called you for help. I couldn't believe after had done 4 weeks with you. I be able to stand up and turn myself back home to facing my reality again. But this time i do feel more clear less stress. More focus and looking forward to work with my family, Yes, i am really to move my life to the next step. With the self-improvement trainin i had learned so much about me and my family conditions. Now i am more aware of who is really i am ? I couldn't hardly know i am so beatiful and worthful like now.

Thank you my dear guidance
Nancy Woo from England

Dear Jasmine:

I 'm too scare to see you again for session. After big chock with the reading. You know since a week after your reading. It's really happen the way you said to me. Now i am ready for 1 month training and hope you have free time to fix me at you said. Looking forward to here from you soon.

Thank you.
Robert from Canada

Hello Jasmine!!

I hope this finds you well and at peace in the new year! In case you are wondering who i am...we met last summer, i had gotten your number from felicity, and i know her and tim from st. croix in the virgin islands. i wanted to thank you again for the amazing reading that you did for me. so many things that you discussed have come full circle and i feel honored to have met you. i listen to the tape periodically and there is always something new that i learn or can process or grow from. i am now massaging full time in the islands and becoming more intune with my healing capabilities, just as you had pointed out. thank you for healing and helping me along the way! i hope to come back to chinag mai this summer, and i would love to look you up when i do. all the best to you!!!


Dear Jasmine:

So long time i know i have some power inside me. That i don't know how to use with the right time and right direction. But after the 5 sessions of your private guiding of self-improvement. It's amazing all my higher self and trully ability guide me so far. I am happy to spend whole day to do the work with you instead of go on the tour with the group from my company. I am so happy that i make the right desicion to give up my city tour to your spiritual tour with self-processing. So i will be back again soon for longer training.

Thanks a lot
Stephanie from HK

Dear Jasmine:

My life is full of mess i do feel i have been learn so many thing but nothing i do really like it. After your reading i know i like to work as you do. Look for me like so relax and enjoyable to talk to you. Even after i had tried out with 5 sessions of your spiritual guiding called self-improvement sessions make me know i have a lot of information inside me need to be classified and arranged in the right place. Now i am cry with no sorrow and suffer i do understand your way of living is so truthful and understand able to another because you are understand yourself and love yourself as i am experiencing during the session with you. All of these you have i am missed to talk to my soul and my spirit and to all the whole world with deep conciouse matters. Not just talk...talk with no meaning of life as Hello! how are you? and even want to hear the answer. Or don't pay attention for the answer from another as all.

Thank to guide me to know my deep purpose of life as now my path is so clear.

Jessika. Brazil

Dear Jasmine:

I am really warm up after you told me i am ripe for the spiritual work. Make me feel i do know but still not unable to accept this is me. After the 7.30 hrs working with you i do feel better and know you can be good teacher for me because the most of the time you let's me find out the answer by myself with out control or manipulate me. I do very much appliciate your neutrol position with so truthful heart. Thank God that bring me to CM.

Hamone from Finland

hello dear jasmine,

You come into my mind very often these last few weeks, maybe conversations with you and many feelings of being grateful for our dear friendship and the relationship of teacher and students always teaching me great gifts, always. i am reading a dear book about a 93 year old woman teaching her last student for two years about the changes to come on earth. it touches me so deeply and somehow i feel a dear closeness to you at this time. i feel big sweeps of sadness and joy right now. physically my body is going through many chages and today very heavy and soar. it feels like patience and time to allow my phyical body to heal. truly all parts of expanding and learning and changing lots lately and gently too. feeling fuller and strong at times, especially with my voice and sometimes i have to watch this carefully casue i have ben putting my foot in my mouth, saying too much to people and it feels as if it is confusing to them and harmful even to them and i get too involved in other people karma. i also realize i don't understand so much right now. and part of me thinks i do and i say it very quickly. i miss having a spiritual teacher in physical body close to me althoughi feel great connection around. i have been at home for amonth and this often brings about a lot. although there is such great change within my family and also LOTS to be shifted as well. all in its own time. in three weeks my dear frind stacey gets married. i am in the wedding adn i get to wear a beautiful dress with no staps, it is thai silk, very beautiful. it is fun to be a part of it with her. i am also singing and drawing lots, i feel more at peace with my creative energy and love working with it and watching it soar and creating beauty. in three weeks i also start my training. kasmine i am so excited, i feel like a child, to move and dance with others and to live in commuinity with others. i feel more an dmore clear and more confident with what i am here to do on earth. and i feel this is a great part of it doing this training. i am just so happy to have come to this place. i love to watch the days unfold and learn and learn and watch how the human beings are awakeing and also suffering but more an dmore people are learning. i feel great positivity and this time of much darkness and suffering too. i feel less likely to close my eyes to all the suffering now. i can look inot its eyes more an dmore and not have fear and deep grief and sadness take all parts of me over. i feel this is one of my lessons and many others for this time, to look into the dark and see it as it is and also to see the light beneath it, no matter how deep down. i miss you dearly jasmine and with this a feel tears moving through my, throughmy heart, my throught and into my eyes. i love you deeply and i love the earth and the great universe with all the tenderness and purity within. may you always be blessed in all you do and all the people and beings that you come across.

big love, and a smile,

I will explain this dream to you first of all i dreamed about an ex boyfriend of my mother he died 6 years ago or something he used to live in the mountains of France well in my dream he was teaching me and my mother and after his teachings my mother said to me that it is hard for her to listen to him because he is still her exboyfriend and that she allways wants

to controll the mind of the other person.than i was half awake from this dream and i saw your face and your face changed into a light face a spiritual face without the physical body and you told me Francoise you have to let go of controll and than you touched my body and i start to shake my physical body and my right leg started to shake very strong and than we are in a place full of different colours than i fall asleep again and i woke up very early feeling very clear.

Thank you,
Love francoise

Clairvoyance = Seeing Clearly

Clairvoyance is a form of ESP (extrasensory perception) and means different things to different people. Initially, it involves being able to see objects which the naked eye cannot detect. The psychic ability to see or sense people and things not present to those with ordinary perception. Clairvoyant experiences can be spontaneous or experimentally induced - by auto-suggestion or hypnotism. So-called 'X-ray clairvoyance' is the name given to the apparent faculty to see behind doors or into closed boxes.

For others, spiritual counselling, or contact with the dead, the past and the future is perhaps the first (and last!) time that many will ever test the powers of a psychic.

Most psychics agree that every one of us possesses at least a little clairvoyance. Some call it intuition or instinct (the nose of the mind!), which boils down to simple equations such as ‘love at first sight’, or conversely, taking an instant dislike to someone you meet for the first time. It would seem to follow then that clairvoyance is a developed form of intuition -
the 'right brain faculty'.

If this theory is correct, then your psychic ego who lives in the right cerebral hemisphere is naturally clairvoyant. But his insights are suppressed by the 'practical' or ‘rational’ ego of the left, which is obsessed with coping with the present. This also means that, in order to activate the clairvoyant faculty, we only have to - in theory! - suppress the left-brain interference by 'soothing' it into quiescence.

It’s the ability to harness that energy (or ‘chi’), and to demonstrate it before others, that has fascinated mankind for centuries. Often, clairvoyants were branded as heretic or of being in cahoots with the devil.

In the 16th century, Nostradamus claimed to have seen visions of flying machines, nuclear war and other far-fetched prophesies. He was lucky to live in Montpelier at that time, and not on the Spanish side of the border where he would have certainly found himself on the rack of the Inquisition.

More recently, a well known clairvoyant, Bert Reese was arrested for 'disorderly conduct' after demonstrating his powers on a bewildered crowd. At his trial, he invited the judge to write something on three pieces of paper, fold them up and have each pressed against the accused man’s forehead. Reese was able to state what was on all three pieces of paper. (Two of which were: “You have 15 dollars in that bank account”; and “This contains the name of a former governess of your children”). He was quickly acquitted. However, it is for a medical remedy that usually induces most people to visit a clairvoyant. When western medicine or pharmaceutical drugs fail to address the ailment, more and more people in this New Age are turning to clairvoyant healers to treat their aches and pains. Likewise in Chiang Mai, a city well versed in East- meets-West culture, holistic practices such as acupuncture, tai-chi, bioenergetics and clairvoyance are in demand. (See this month’s Citylife magazine insert: Guide to Health and Holistic Living.) One of several successful Chiang Mai practitioners is Jasmine Vishanu, back when Jasmine was in Grade 4, she was just sitting down at her desk for a mathematics exam when a strong voice from inside her told her explicitly that all 20 answers in the multi-choice test were Answer ‘B’. She looked down at the paper, and as the voice confidently repeated the message, she obediently ticked every answer in the column ‘B’. She scored 100% in that test.

Now in her 40s and radiating youth and health, Jasmine teaches holistic healing, spiritual counselling and clairvoyance to foreign students at her house near Hang Dong(see page 66). She believes we are all born with a sense of clairvoyance: an intuition she refers to as the ‘inner voice’. She fine-tunes the human body in a similar way to a mechanic working on a car, by balancing all the energy centres (Chakras) and helping others to realise that their ailments are psycho-somatic. “Nowadays, we listen to other people more than we listen to ourselves,” says Jasmine “We must first learn to cleanse our Life Force Energy (Chi) and see clearly inside one and other. Then we can find out why we have a pain or learn about who we really are.” But beware. Jasmine is also a mind reader. “If I wanted to, I could see your ATM password number,” she smiles, as I run for the door. Another Chiang Mai-based clairvoyant I visited was Diana Manilova, who is a Russian shaman living at Hillside Plaza. Diana says she was born psychic as were her mother and grandmother. A classically trained pianist, Diana first attained notoriety when she cured herself of a white blood cell deficiency and walked out of the Moscow hospital. By the time she was in her early 20s, Diana was so sensitive she could smell sickness in strangers passing by her in the street.

Her reputation crossed paths with the KGB at one point and Diana constantly found herself on the move in her quest for truth. She was recognised as a high shaman in Siberia, India, Tibet and Nepal before she discovered Chiang Mai in 2001. She says she felt like ‘coming home’ when she and her husband , Marc moved to Chiang Mai and now offers spiritual consultations, psychic healing and ‘karma sickness’ therapy. She also runs a dynamic meditation class at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays.

by Colin Hinshelwood

Like a lot of people, all my life, I was looking for a special "Thing". The "Thing" that make us live in harmony, peace and love. All my life, from martial arts, to various energy work, to mental control technics, and healing teachings, I was looking for something inside or outside of me which would make me able to master myself and serve people who need help. But, I felt I was always circling around that "Thing", without touching it. In 2001, during travel in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand with the purpous to learn more about my passion for healing, I completed that search by discovering the Pothiyalai Center and Mrs. Jasmine Vishanu. First, a clairvoyant reading placed me front of myself, my troubles, all that I was the only one to know and gave me the answer to my perpetual question : "Why my life is like that?". And I decided to change "that"! Jasmine taught me how to clean my own energy, to see and discover by myself all my blocks and how to make them disapear definitively. This method drove me directly to the famous "thing" I was looking for, called by Jasmine :

"The Higher Self".

Then, returning to my country, I learned always more and more about myself from the Pothiyalai's marvelous technics.

Today I'm sure of this : Like the larger rivers all originate from little sources; like the higher fires all originate from small sparks; we can make and create the greatest wonders in our life by drawing Light and Love in our "Higher Self". Then teaching will no longer be from outside to inside but from the appetite, realisation and application of our greatest energy potential to our daily life. For that reason, I consider Mrs. Jasmine Vishanu a teacher of Freedom... and my greatest teacher.

Enfin, pour tous les visiteurs francophones de ce merveilleux site, je rajouterais ceci :

Loin des longs discours th?oriques, philosophiques, loin des mots qui flattent, des pouvoirs de certains pseudo-gurus manipulateurs, pour moi, seul un enseignement tel que celui dispens? par Mme Jasmine Vishanu, bas? uniquement sur la pratique, intense, vraie, parfois difficile, peut nous mener ? ce qu'il y a de plus gratifiant dans la Vie d'un ?tre humain : se d?barraser soi-m?me de ses propres probl?mes pour d?couvrir son ?tre v?ritable, source in?puisable d'honn?tet? vis ? vis de soi-m?me et de tout ceux que la Vie nous invite ? croiser, et construire chaque jour sa destin? de mani?re consciente et ?panouie.

[Finally, for all of the French speaking visiters to this wonderful website, I add this: Far from lofty theoretical or philosophical discourses, far from flattering words and manipulative pseudo-gurus, for me, there was only one teaching, given by Mrs. Jasmine Vishanu, based uniquely in true, intensive practice, which is at times challenging, that can lead us to that which is the most gratifying in the Life of a human being: to free one's self of one's own problems and to discover one's true self, source of (inpuisable?) honesty, face to face with that self and with everything that Life invites us to experience, and to build each day one's own destiny consciously and (panouie).]

Dear Jasmine:

My whole life have been so mess!!!which i know i am so powerful inside and need to lot of body work to keep my energy down. You are right that i am supper hiper active. When i was a child my mom alway sent me to work in sport. With my work i always cyceling a lot. I can not stay still or sit in one place more than 20 minutes i do feel something inside me want to come out.

After your reading 2 years ago made me return for the self-Improvement sessions. After had 5 sessions with you i start to know i have great energy inside that need to come out with right vibration and right tuning i see myself as great healer.( normally i had never good picture of myself in the positive way). I will do the healing class with you and see what will be. So see you on Monday at 1 p.m. Take care and thank again.

Dong, Belguim

Dear Jasmine:

I do feel so good and greatful to come back for the self-improvement sessions because i do feel i lose my grounding state after i got chocked with your healing life reading. I am so glad that in the session you help to bring me back to earth with i do feel so confidence and comfortable and start to open my heart and start to see clear vision and do understand it deeply again. I do know i got the right tuner because all the point you asked me to work with is so much coming out. Make me know my situation and my point of view more clear and more confidence to be as spiritual guidance as you do. I lost so much trust on my ability for so long. Now i so happy that i get it back and more happy to learn to be able to classified my energy form and express it out with the right guiding.

Thanks for all your neutrol and truthful energy. I do feel you guide me to find my own answer. I know now who i am and more happy to be as i am.

Tommy., England

Dear Jasmine:

I was so curious to see you immediatly i saw your brochure. After i had reading with you i was surprised how much you can see in me as i couldn't imagine or expecting to hear what's you told me before. My deep tension in my stomach is gone and i do feel my heart open and know immediatly i find the right person to guide and help me to release my deep blocks.

After i had finished the 5 sessions of self-Improvement with you i am start to see image is so clear and immediatly i know the meaning as i never been before in my life i do feel now many part of my pains is gone and my deep inner energy is open with i had not feel it for 30 years. I told you alway during we are doing the session i have never see any colour and picture even i thaught i am colour blind but after the 3 nd sessions finished i see the colour come out of your hands with my open eyes and my see clear colour in my dream.

I know is time for me to change something deep that i had hidden so long. But i do still scare and nerves to facing this ability. It had shown up with me when i was 30 years ago. Now i could not believe that i will be able to do and be like that again. You are right that i should continue doing the longer training. I do feel and know this as you do.

Thank for guiding me to right point of my life state. I am very appliciate your love and neutrol energy during yourguide. You had never manipulate or control me i do feel so free and flexible and so happy to express my energy and feel so much trust on you.

Christine from Nederland

Hi Jasmine,

I had an interesting experience with a massage, which i would like to share with you. recently, during my self-processing, i have been running lots of cosmic and earth magenta, purple, indigo and violet, which i have been asking for to help me with my healing and awareness/intuition. but one day, before one of my massges, when i was cleansing myself in preparation for grounding, i felt someone, or something release itself in my left kidney and move into me, onto my spine. it really felt like a spirit, and i even felt this golden figure along my spine, surrounded by purple and indigo. i didn't have time to go deep to ask the meaning, but as soon as i accepted the thing inside me, i was able to run white with splinters of glass crystal. during the massage, i felt as if i needed to help the person with their own healing, so i directed them to put their hands on certain parts of their bodies, while i placed my hands on their upper arms and ran the white with crsytal light into them. the person receiving the massage later said she felt the colour come into her arms and move down into her hands and into the parts of her body. the following day the girl came back to me to say that when she went to bed after the massage she had a complete 'out-of-body' experience while she was asleep, and that the whole experience had made her very happy. since then i have not seen, or been able to run the 'white and crystal' light. i have not felt the 'spirit' inside me, so i am wondering if a spirit can come into you for the one purpose of being transferred into someone else. what do you think. have you ever had an experience like this? it would be interesting to know.

apart from that, i'm now going to take it easy for the next two weeks. i've been a bit tired recently, so i need to reast a while. although i am both mentally and physically tired, my energy body has been high, so i have had a bit of trouble sleeping recently. i suppose i just need to ground myself even more.

i have had some difficult massages recently, including a recent rape case and a woman who lost her husband and son in last december's tsunami in thailand. so some of the energies which have been released have been very strong and although i do my best to ground myself and my massage room, maybe sometimes my grounding is not strong enough.

also a couple of times recently i have had to ground with purple, as i have been having difficulty finding gold in the last 2 weeks. for some reason i need to run either white or purple with it. but before the last 2 weeks, i have had no trouble running and grounding with gold. i don't know why. i have only 'lost' gold since i have begun running purple! but i feel as if i need to run purple for the present while, to see what it can do. i also want to try running lots more magenta (red/rose as you call it) to see what properties it has.


Dear Jasmine,

Thank you for forwarding message of Cathy. I'm very happy that my reading could help her. It's a shame I can't see her, but please tell my warmest regards to her. I hope she can get some nice preperation at your school for her new happy life.

I'm in Tokyo and stay at my parents house. They still have many problems, but obviously changed a lot. They addmit and accept very strange and excentric things what I'm doing now and also I choose it as my new job. I have a great hope to get along with my parents forever. Maybe I changed a lot, too.

From tomorrow, I go to hot spring trip with my parents for three nights. Last year, we had a similar plan, but I cancelled, because I and my parents kept too strong tension. Only or enough? one year changed our relation into very positive. I appreciate you and Universe, so much.

Please take care, and Keigu,
Wisdomchild from Japan

Dear Jasmine:
After i talked to you about my big lose of stolen money. Make me feel more claim and be able to understand and forgive the lady that stolen my money. And get more happy deeply inside when i be able to forgive her and understand the sitation that i got in this time even now i have huge financial problems. Life is wonderful if you are really understand yourself...isn't it..hhha.

Lamai Lumpoon

Dear Jasmine:
I have known you for 25 years. Make me surprised to see you now you have been changing somuch you look much more clear and more stronger that i could imagine. All the time since we begin to talk i do feel your eyes is scanning so deep every part of my energy several time i almost falling on the ground and sleep. What's are you doing with me ? But i do know is very light and very warm when i am talking to you. You are very observe and absorb something around me and inside me...make me really feel so tranform after i sit with you for an hour. Please let's me know this called your energy work? I will come back to CM. to visit you again soon and will try to find out more what are you doing? really. I know you do some energy work but in which way that make me feel more guite and peaceful in suddenly. Even the drive way in your property i can immediatly feel claim and peacefulness deeply in me. I like to visit and talk to you soon.

Khun Somsak, from Bangkok

Dear Jasmine:
It's really surprise me that you had called me. Immediatly that i want to talk some importance message with you. It's not just one time had happened with you. It's really scare me that how do you know i want to talk to you that engine...Oh my God. Hope you don't know all what's in my thinking forms right now.

Thank God for make me know you.

Khun Sombat from Bangkok

Dear Jasmine: Since i got the reading with you i have been open up deeply inside me my tear just come again and again non-stop...Is it because of your energy or what's to make me cry like crazy...i do feel very deep warm is moving toward me everywhere somehow make me what's to open my arms and ask for your hugs....and i did every time...you touch me i do feel warm and again my tears is running out like crazy...i know the most part of your reading is heating me deeply that make me chaked like something deep inside want to come out but in the same time i am start to feel the fear of unable to handle my deep emotion that come out with deep sadness and deep depressive...

It's really scare me when you told me your work is have deeply effect to me and will have a lot of hard work to face my self for the truth behind my lies system.(self-protection or my defence system)

I do really fear to go on with you because i do feel something going to open me all out and then what's will be later. Do i will be able to change myself or is not going to happen at all..Yes. you are right i start to have great expectation on your guidance that you said this will creative the great block during i am processing my sessions...No...expectation and try my best as you say...Seem to not be easy for me because i am start to judge myself ability and start to blame myself ...why i can not do it better and why is not working out in the way that i should know more about how the energy work as you have been asking me in each sessions .

Now after 40 hrs of Basic self-Improvement make me know that i come to the point of my great truth that i just want to run away and give up everything again. I hate fighting since i was a child somuch fight in my family so when ever i do feel something is not going to work out i will immediately turn my face away in stead of go forward and make war to win in the situation. I have been giving up so many time in my life. I got immediatly sad when you laught and look at me like i am a little child but some how very deep in your laughing bright and strong full of understanding in your eyes told me. Don't worry we will work on this point of your block and don't hesitage to face your truth with the session. Jasmine may i give you a huge....i do feel deep trust slowly building up inside me...yes i had never trust myself and the other you are the person now that slowly open me up to see myself trully with my deep conciousness i know i am on the way of changing but it so painsful and hard work...i hope i will be able to compleate this training with out escaping myself again....
See you soon.

Kaya from Singapore

Dear Jasmine,

I didn't have enough time to tell you about my special experiences this week, so I would like to write a little bit. I'll send report about aura layer reading later.

I spent around 8 hours at Roong Aroon with great satisfaction last Saturday. As you told me before, it was again very peaceful and quiet. There is my favorite place beside lotus pond and I was doing picnic by my self. I was so happy but tear and emotion came. It was quite easy to get such a happiness for me. But I hadn't been able to allow myself to enjoy such a very close heaven for too long time. I continued to apology to myself again and again. On that day, I went to bed with happy fulfillment feeling, and then suddenly, my heart said me 'Thank you'! As if a happy girl says thank you to a boyfriend who makes her enjoy enough with happy date. My heart was so warm and I felt deep happiness.

From the extraordinally excursion to Hot Spring you took me, I suddenly became to good at enjoy myself. I confess, everyday's energy work is quite hard, but I was going out to various place every day and occasionally I enjoyed after 9 o'clock! I can't believe it. And now I feel, I can't skip this easygoing time for almost everyday. I'm still always by myself, but not lonely at all. I went to MK restaurant with no accompany three times!! during a week. I'm not sure, I can continue this full and also happy life to the end of whole courses. But I want. It's truly great full life for me. In the early morning, I finish all house works, and then go to your school for short time but very intensive full work. After finishing school, it's completely free happy time! I almost skipped this young children like life in my life. When I was 9 years old, I already attended to a preparation school for prestigious private junior high school after class of primary school.

And also yesterday's spirit guide reading was quite wonderful. But I noticed very interesting thing about three messages I got. The first one "Know you are OK even if Earth axis trembles" came from upwards. The second one " Express yourself, expand yourself" came from right side. The third one "Don't hurt yourself" came from left side. And also afterwards at home, I recalled the Right Intellectual side Guide's name and his poem very clearly from the direction exactly the second right division. On top of this, I can see Alexander the Great's face rather clearly in the division of the first right. But I just tried to read and I would like to know what is spirit guide reading like with some other's experiences when I come back to Pothiyalai.

I will wirte to you again in Tokyo or Bangkok. Thanks a lot for your support to get these miracle experiences. Please enojy holiday with your family.

Wisdom Child from Japan

During the self-Improvement Reading. You make me surprise with the message and now i am dealing with what's going on in me with the message you told me it's really as you said ...i met someone that you told me about her and now we are inloved...Hope all will work out as you guide me this is another self-processing step of my life...

Marshall Robert, Netherland

...Oh my God I can feel all the energy in the room start to change and your face is changing in many old face like American native and wise Chinese old man.Each one of them make my tears run out and so warm deeply inside me Jasmine...I see anything is changing inside you. And i can feel the changing inside me during you are intrance...I know you are working very deep and very focus on my energy center...I can feel somuch light and warm all over my body.. when the reading begin i can not stop my body is open up somuch Ii do feel you are open somuch inside me...and let's out so much heavy and pains i have. ...

Natasha, Tokyo

Your reading make me...know I need your help with deep inner work I do immediately feel when you start to wave your hand over my aura...I senses...a lot warm and a lot of releasing ...I do feel you go so deep inside me to open each part of me up ...and tell me all the thing you can see inside me ...make my tear come out and so happy and peaceful deeply from inside and start to feel a lot of lighter after I got your reading. I know many massage that you told me is so accurate and so much meaning to me...Make me wake up a lot of me... deep vision. Thank you

Hamish Mach, Japan

Oh....my God after I got your reading my grounding is settle and make me know and experience that the first time I do feel I have 2 feet on earth..funny but truly...warm all over my body. After reading many of my tears and pains start to come out like you are giving me the warm shower...I do feel so release and understand mylife more . Make me see myself so clear and want to process myself more in this world.

Chandra Wong, Malaysia

Your techniques is seem to be too easy and simple but my God is work with my block so well. I can easy feel a lot of opening inside me from the top down to my feet ...even I had done many Tai-chi or I-Kung, Yoga...my block had never be open this much...Thank you for your easy guiding with powerful processing in me. I do feel very light and funny and happy inside with your way of guiding is look to simple but how come so effective...Because you see deeply through my block and open all the energy block and let's it flows..even now I still smill and laugh during i write this feedback to you... when I think about our sessions..that I had done..Make me stand up and start to move and do many exercise as we did together ...I feel so free and more energy in each day in my working space... Thanks, Jasmine..

Martin Luther, USA

Jasmine A world class clairvoyant from the jungles of Northern Thailand. Jasmine closes her eyes and literally feels/sees the energy radiating off people and thus can read them like a book. A powerful master of the Sixth Sense , Jasmine has much to share about what is happening in the world, what people can do to heal their souls and their life. Learn how she developed her own Sixth Sense and realize you too have this amazing ability..if you know the secrets.

This video will stun and amaze you as spiritual insights, demonstrations and phenomena occur right before your very eyes. You will understand why this is usually kept hidden, and as well, why you need to learn this information now!

Dear Jasmine:

My name is Katrin, I am from Germany. last Dezember between x-mas and new years eve i was visiting you for a clairvoyant reading and one day later I went to a dutch man( Marius with Kundalini Healing) and so far I can say, both of you were very helpfull. I mean I havent chanched my life very much, but I can feel something has changed in my way of thinking. At this time I was with you, you told me in this life i should become a healer. I was very impressed about it and I started to think about. Even when I was with the dutch man( Marius with Kundalini Healing), as he had sent me his positive energy I felt it so much flowing through my body. Till now i could not forget my experiences on this special day and I dicided I will lern more about healing and of course first of all about myself and my charakter. I went now through your whole webside, but I dont know what kind of seminar I should visit and how long I need to lern and study? I would like to come back to Chang Mai in the beginning of Dezember. I hope you will have time in Dezember.

Thank you already very much for you answer.

I have to laught with myself that i couldn't belive in me that i can easy find out a lot about me when you aske me to blow out such funny tones. Even first began i have a lot of confusing but then suddenly after 10 minute i know i am in diffirent state of life....it's so light and warm and so clear in my brain..so peaceful and happy...my deep tear is coming but i know this is i want to be ...free and clear. The first session of work i am doing with you give me such great lessen ...

Thank you... Jasmine you are so amazing!
David Wong from UK

I can not refuse that is nothing changing in me. I am knowing a lot of part in your reading is right and accurate connect so strongly to my relationship. I am happy and completely agree the power of the Self-Improvement session is changing something inside me and make me more aware of my way of my speaking and look deep in the eyes of person i speak without my leg is moving around. I do feel more grounded and more connect to myself and more focus on what's i am doing. I am really happy for fast result of the Self-Improvement sessions....

Itzhak from Israel

I am very happy and proud of myself that i have decided to do the self-Improvment Sessions with 8 hours a day for 5 days with 40 hours. Make me compleately change and feel more light and happy and deep ground and more focus on who am I.

I am deeply confuse and happy to work with this because usually i will have pains so bad when i have period. During i am taking the sessions make me be able to feel less pains or my period and feel more ground and deep focus on this pains and know the whole processing of the pains inside my body. Right now i am become one with the pains and suddenly all the pains is getting less effect on me. Because this pains make me understand myself more clear.

Maylanee Yung, Korainess

I do feel mylife start to have clear direction of what's i am looking for ...I do start to see many possibility of life that i can growth and can be with out any fear and pains in life. It's really worthful for me to decide to spend the last money in my pocket to deal with deep sorrow in myself.

Thanks for your help Jasmine.
Peter Shan from Australia

Dear Jasmine
I hope I've got your address right and that you get this mail. I'm still in Myanmar and now know I'll be here until the beginning of next month. I did try to call you today but couldn't get a line out to you in Thailand.

Well, I've listened to your tape carefully (as you predicted!) and am still spell bound by how accurate all your images were. Just from those 2 hours I feel I now understand so much more about myself and where so many of my current issues / patterns are coming from. I've decided I'd like to come back to you for a few sessions and with your help to try to go back to my childhood and past lives to understand more and hopefully clear some of my blocks.

Would you be available to do 3 intensive sessions when I get back to Chiang Mai (like Itzhak and Sheila)? I think they did 3 times 2 and a half hours - and of course at the same price as them. I'll be in Chiang Mai the week of 5th -11th July. Would you have time then? I could come any time. If that week is completely impossible I could manage the following week, although I'd prefer sometime between the 5th and 11th July. I have to leave Chiang Mai on the 16th at the latest to go to Samui.

You can reply to the above address (Davie Channon at the British Council) - he'll pass on your mail to me. My normal account doesn't work here. If you don't hear from me for a week or so, it's just because I may be out of town then. If you are free at any of the above times though, please do reserve the space - I'll be coming for sure!

Many thanks Jasmine and I look forward to seeing you again
Best wishes

Dear Jasmine,

how are you and your center? I am quite well when I don't have to massage too much. And I love this island. I will enrol on a Counselling training, just need to find one that suits best my capabilities and aims.

I would like to know whether you sent a certificate to me, since I haven't received it. I still would like to have it, sometimes I will use the energy healing as well.

Could you answer me this question please: You remember teaching me the energy healing with the blue and pink colours, mix them, and I always had to go down the left side of my body to the center of the earth, and back up on my right side of the body. Is it all right if I change the sides sometimes, first down the right side? I am asking you this because I found my right side not being cleansed out with blocked energies while doing it this way. It feels like bringing in more tension and congesting it more, I feel it should be flushed dowh and out. Like on the left side. I feel a lot of held agression, actions that want to be acted, fears,... and simply to step forward with all the will and decission. What do you advice me?

I must thank you again for all your help and teaching. It is so much easier for me now to understand myself and be more positive and constructive with myself. I can understand "life games" much better now. Unfortunatelly, relation with my mother has not improved , and I don't want to blame myself too much, I decided to work on myself and make my life functioning better, separeted complitelly from my mother and home as it only obstructs and depresses me. I can't really be sure how the healing should process, so I will see as I go along.

Big hug and smile,

feels good to hear that from you !
i was thinking about you the other day because once you said that things will get better for me when my 3 first chakra will function better, and these days i feel it's much much better. Still working on an old thing which is stuck in my sacrum but now i have a technique sending the breathing there and asking my energy to free me from marks from the past which are no longer valid.... and it happened before, eventually it goes away after some schock... so i still have one schock to deal with.... i also started imagining i no longer need anybody to be happy and that helped tremendously.... thanks again for all the beautfiul things i learned with you.... also found out i had a sister in law when i was married and she's in part responsible for a lot of my problems so i could also ask my energy to let go of her...

big big kiss
S xxx

One of several successful Chiang Mai practitioners is Jasmine Vishanu, back when Jasmine was in Grade 4, she was just sitting down at her desk for a mathematics exam when a strong voice from inside her told her explicitly that all 20 answers in the multi-choice test were Answer B. She looked down at the paper, and as the voice confidently repeated the message, she obediently ticked every answer in the column B. She scored 100% in that test.

Now in her 40s and radiating youth and health, Jasmine teaches holistic healing, spiritual counselling and clairvoyance to foreign students at her house near Hang Dong(see page 66). She believes we are all born with a sense of clairvoyance: an intuition she refers to as the inner voice. She fine-tunes the human body in a similar way to a mechanic working on a car, by balancing all the energy centres (Chakras) and helping others to realise that their ailments are psycho-somatic. Nowadays, we listen to other people more than we listen to ourselves, says Jasmine We must first learn to cleanse our Life Force Energy (Chi) and see clearly inside one and other. Then we can find out why we have a pain or learn about who we really are.

But beware. Jasmine is also a mind reader. If I wanted to, I could see your ATM password number, she smiles, as I run for the door.

City Life Magazine

My name is Paul Paar. I am an academic: a librarian, teacher, writer and editor. I first met Jasmine after having a simple dinner with two friends, a French woman and her British pal. The Brit talked about her work with Jasmine, describing her experience as, "the real thing."

I called Jasmine, set an appointment and visited with her for 90 minutes. We sat across from each other at a distance of maybe five meters. She closed her eyes and sat there "feeling" my energies. After about ten minutes of silence she began to talk, describing me. I was amazed at what she knew. After the session, I emailed her, asking how she knew so much about me. I asked her if my friends had given her information. Jasmine replied," All I know about you is that you called me."

A few months later, I met Jasmine again for some intense energy work lasting five days a week, six hours a day, for a month. Sometimes I am not a very good student. But I learned a lot. Even though Jasmine's work didn't specifically aim to teach me meditation, I now meditate every morning. What she taught is only one of the many forms Jasmine teaches. This one form of kundalini meditation affects my life profoundly. The way I describe a good meditation is that the practice will bring you things that fit you perfectly. Meditators know that meditation manifests things, people, and places into your life that fit you absolutely perfectly. Meditation manifests a life that fits you.

Honestly, Jasmine has been somewhat disappointed in me. I lack the discipline to face the truth in my life. She also sees a lack of fortitude and courage in my life. I am lying to myself. Her other students have progressed further than me. I haven't progressed to her satisfaction and am still repeating mistakes of the past; I am still lying to myself.

But, to be brief, I am well-pleased with my Jasmine-works and will pursue further work with her. Suffice it to say, Ms. Vishanu is a priceless being. As the Brit said, "She's the real thing." . . . And, she has two Beautiful, bright young children, whom I love no end.

. . . blessings, brightness, and love,

Paul Paar

hello jasmine and family in chiang mai!

i returned to the u.s. safely, spent a few days with some family in los angeles and have been trying to get settled again in dallas. i have been looking for jobs but i haven't found anything yet. unfortunately, no one wants to hire me for a few months, and i don't plan to be here for longer than that. its okay though..i'm living with my dad and enjoying my time to be with friends and family...and alone.

last night i went to hear daphne do a meditation workshop at a supermarket near her house. she was great. i can tell she needs to work on her teaching...she is still pretty nervous speaking in front of others...but she did a very good job, and the meditation was good. she is so comfortable with who and where she is and she communicates that calmness so effortlessly. i am happy to be around her again.

there is not much else to say about life in dallas. its quiet. i am working on my grounding a lot in everyday situations, which is much more difficult than it was in your beautiful and safe office. last night was one of the few times that i have meditated for longer than 15 minutes since returning to the u.s.--i am so lazy when i'm by myself. its terrible.

how are you? are you still working so hard? are angela and stephanie still there studying with you? what happened with stephanie and her anger? i hope she is feeling better about things. how is miss monkey girl (angie)? give her a big hug for me. say hello and best wishes to everyone in the house, including the spirits. daphne told me the story about the spirits in your office--i'm sure glad you told me to pray to them everynight! i don't think i could've been as calm as she was if they had become angry with me!

take good care jasmine and please write soon. i hope you are happy and healthy.


Hi Jasmine!

I know it has been a long time, however, I wanted to write to you to let you
know that Stefanie and I are so much better in ourselves after the course
and also wanted to know how you are these days. I hope you are well and
that Angelica and the boys are also well and happy.

We have been to Sukothai (where we stayed for almost 2 weeks) and then
headed for the islands in the south. We managed to see KohPagnNgan (not
sure of spelling!) and then headed for Krabi. We were thinking of having a
week in the sun over that side of Thailand before flying to Australia.
Unfortunately, we picked the rainy season (!!!!) and so ended up leaving
Krabi and are in Bangkok for a week before flying out. It's not the best of
places to be in terms of peacefulness etc - however, there is a wat next
door to the guesthouse which is very nice and we are not in the centre of
the bustle. I am so looking forward to Australia now although I know I will
be upset to leave Thailand as it now holds a special place in my heart. I
have found I understand the culture a little more and have positive thoughts
about it.

Stef and I have changed our plans slightly again and when we arrive in
Australia we will work for 2 months or so. Then we head for New Zealand
and then to Fiji (for a week before my birthday!!!). I feel so spoilt!
Amazing things have happened energy wise since 'cleaning up' on the course.
I can feel so much more and even have messages come through from time to
time. It really has moved on quickly which i feel very happy about. I am
being looked after i know! Stef is able to do readings any time now. It's
really great!

It would be lovely to hear how you are and also how things are going with
you. I should imagine you have other people turning up saying they met two
mad english girls who recommended a visit to you!! We have often spoken
about you to other people.

Well - must dash now. Take care of yourself and looking forward to hearing
from you.

Peace, love and light to you and your family.

Angie and Stef

Dear Jasmine

You have been rigth, I do not have to leave by the end of this week. Situation has changed so far that I can stay at least a other three weeks. This time I want to use effective.

After thinking about your reading I would like to ask you if I can do more together with you. So I would like to see you again and talk about this, about what I can do, and about how I can go further. I would like to know what could be good on my future way. Self development trainig? More readings? Energy balance?

Or in other words, do you take me as your student?

Do you have a little time for me, to talk about this maner? Just give me a date I can come any time.

I thank you for your attention and send you friendly regards


Hello Jasmine!

Well I wanted to thank you again for the self-improvement sessions with you. I think they was really cleaning me up. Since I'm back in Germany - I feel strong connected with soul. Eventhough there are sometimes strange emotional floodings and then kind of peace again or energy flowing from spie to crown chakra that is confusing me - I somehow have a strong trust in beeing in touch with the truth or how you would like to call it. But I clearly feel that I am open to the energy of other persons - that is a thing which is making me confused sometimes now - I receive feelings or pictures from others - it's not easy to trace them back and I also don't want to feel it - so how can I protect myself in those situations? Can you give me an advice? (The method with the "White Egg"? :)) How strong is it? Had you ever had problems with that especially when beeing in a crowd of people - for instance at parties..:) IT'S HARD! I'd rather be alone with one person now, you know that? :) WhenI decided for now to do meditation and spiritual healing with a teacher that is living in Weimar, my student's town - my wish to study psychology went wrong - I have to make a test first in my old job - this is a condition to get a place at that univeristy. But I try it next year again.

Heard from Dusa that you are working hard:)! Good! Find peace, huh. So wish you the best and have a good time!

..Some pictures are following at the end - remembering? :)

Sawasdee khrap!

The little thomas

Dear Jasmine,

You are very sweet. =)

Being back home for a while now my old friends have noticed a change within me: that i'm more relaxed and peaceful. Another change - among many - is that I have noticed that I'm more interested in female friends and conversation with women now! I'm very happy about that. I'm also starting to feel that having a child wouldn't be so bad... Ha ha. I'm opening up more now about hurt in the past. Not that I plan to, but suddenly I notice I'm opening up and talking about it. =). I will start at the university in January. Psychology. Will be very interesting.

The sessions with you were not a bad kick start for today's and future inner work! Thank you! I have a feeling that I will see you again. Maybe we will continue on the same sort of program or another, who knows?!

Take good care, til next time

Dear Jasmine,

I have now been back home for almost one week. It's interesting to notice just how much the cleansing have changed me towards looking much more clear-sighted at things. I met so many helpful and wonderful people while in Thailand: locals and travelers. Even your local Pra Jamrus tought me a lesson or two about the energy flow - the gift of receiving and giving.

I must admit it was very difficult for me to have my biggest blockage appear the very last day. I just can't see the point in that. There was no time for crying. My friends waited for me in Chiang Mai, wanting to say good bye before i left for Ko Chang that afternoon. The week at the island was very good for me and I did manage to be alone most of the time, but I didn't cry.

I had a new experience while meditating today. After balancing the chakras I again appeared very much inside my forhead - the 6th chakra.

Here I asked for the ability to "see". I saw aliens and they asked if I want to open up and I said "yes" but I became uncertain of their reason so I said "yes, but only open for the light". I then blew into the heart (like we used to do) and then I asked for my inner ability to see things to develop (felt better). Now It felt like something was put right over and into my left eye and energy filled up all of my left side. After a while I then felt a "stick" in my right shoulder where my shoulder pain has it's center. Right after that I had the same energy or sensation flow in the right side of my body. Don't know why but after that I opened my 7th chakra and let the energy go from side to side as to balance.

I also saw this dark little house. Around this house were "dead" people walking. Some stoped and others didn't pay attention. One woman came up to me and I asked her why they were there. She said: "because we can't let go of earthy matters". I went inside the little house, jumped down a black hole as to let go and the people and the house disappeared into the earth.

Does it make sense?

I tried so many times, starting the day before, to get back to that "space" in my forhead but you didn't want to. I still can't help feeling that we should have worked on my "last" blockage earlier. I could have used your help. But I will - of course - try to get over it. I'm really not holding you responsible for my blockages! =) Ha ha - wouldn't that be something?!

Hope you're fine, Jasmine. If you do celebrate Christmas and New Years I would like to wish you Happy Holidays!

PS. You said earlier you would tell me my star's (planet's) symbole or name. Can you do that? I would like to read about it.

Hope to hear from you.
Warmly / anki.

Dear Jasmine,

I have been meaning to write to you for a while now to give you a bit of an update on how my life is going. It has been a really interesting 4-5 months since i last wrote that has been full of some pretty life changing experiences. As I told you I went to india for about 5 weeks to study yoga with sri patthabi jois, and i think that the whole experience opened me up a great deal. I many ways i have come back with a lots more questions and uncertainties that when i left. I had some of the most beautiful experiences in my life in india and at the same time some of the darkest nights. My journey has continued in full force and I have read a huge range of spiritual books and information in the last year and learnt a lot more about myself. At times i feel more alive to the world than i have ever done before, and at times i find it more confusing than i ever thought. Reading about and being around so many srpititual people in the last few years has been amazing and in some ways slightly overwhelming. There are so many different methods and so many different views on the meaning of life that sometimes i dont know where to start, and at the same time i have been having experiences that I find myself very ill equiped to understand especially with my western mind. I know the key is to find my own way somehow through all of this and walk down my own path wherever it may lead me, and at the same time i know that i am only 20 but sometimes it all seems like the journey ahead of me is so huge. I so want to find my own way and to make progress but at times i dont know whether I am going too fast or not trying hard enough. Finding a balance between living and enjoying and at the same time striving for something higher is a hard one to pull off.

I do however believe that I am making progress with it all, and i just wanted to share it with you. You once said that one day I will be a great man and i hope that someday i do understand some of the mysteries of living and dying and that i will have to wisdom to guide others in this matter.

Anyway I am about to start my course in religious studies at edinburgh(specialising in buddhism i think) and philosophy, which i think i will thoroughly enjoy (but who knows what the next few years will hold).... and i thought that i was a good time to give you an update. Thank you once again for all the help that you have given me. and all my love to everyone out in sunny chiang mai. If you are ever planning a trip to london/england please make sure to tell me.

By the way I like your new web site ... very flash !!

lots of love


Hi Jasmine

First of all I would like to thank you for last night - it was great to have the company. Thanks for showing me around the shopping centre and especially for the delicious Pad Thai!!

Secondly I'd like to apologise for today - the truth of the matter is I have a problem - money - I really won't know till the weekend if I can continue with you or not.

Hopefully everything will work out and I will be able to continue with you when you come back from your vacation , Monday week, and we can make up for the lost couple of days at the end.

I do apologise and I hope you will be able to fill the next couple of afternoons with other clients, I know you have Mario anyway in the morning.

I don't mean to come accross as flippant but this is an awful lot of money for me and I will need to see what I can do.

I will be in touch with you again this weekend or early next week at the very latest.

Best regards and thanks again for yesterday


Oh. My dear. I can not write any feedback to you and don't know how to write to you. But one thing you know as you are my teacher. Since i met you 2 years ago i have been taking all the classes you have and you know how deep and serious i am learning with you now.

One truth i know and experience is i am changing in each day and each minutes of my living. I am more focus on my whole energy system of my body. Right now i am so happy that my dream has become true with i have been improving in each sessions of my healing work.I am building up my ability of Kundalini healing in each minutes as i am living with this energy and use this energy to manifesting solutions to my problems in the relationships and in daily life. Which help me to solve my problems relate to my surroundings in new ways. Your teaching is also helps me to become a winner(with power of truth and love,compasion) with people, create satisfying relationships and discover a new art of relaxation when I want.

Marius Anholt

Dear Jasmine,

thank you very much for your letter, your help and friendship is very precious for me. Last two days I feel much better, I was feeling sick for the last 2 and more weeks: kidneys, lungs - I could see why. I know I am not speaking my true emotions, that I feel like a tenth douther that has to leave home because there is no place and food for her here. That I am leaving home (has left home long ago, just I still feel pain)like a poor girl, without any support whatsoever - and nobody has ever cared, so whom shall I say anything and more important, how can I help myself. It's always better when I am away, I find more positive energy. Now again I feel a pressure in my throat, when I cry becouse of your love; and I don't get my period, this periods always make me too sensitive. I go now, tomorrow I fly. I do feel well and strong, I think you helped.

Much love to you dear Jasmine,

Hello Jasmine,

Happy New Year to you!

Just got back to the states today. Had the expected bitter and sweet holidays with my "friend" in Australia. Thankfully, I could approach it with more consciousness, and more patience and respect for myself, despite some really trying moments. Thanks for all your help in Thailand. The experience was freeing and gave me a lot to think about. Hopefully, I can make it out there again next year for more work, and exercise!


Thank you for sharing your heart with me. Your ability to give love freely has been an example for me to strive towards. I know you are human - your honesty with yourself and with others, your integrity, your openness and your humbleness has shown me of the true strength in what being genuine with oneself means. You have given me more than I could ever give back to you in this lifetime and I am so grateful and thankful from the center of my heart for all. I know you know this already and I could tell you for a long time how much you mean to me, how much you have taught me and how much I love you..I know you know this already...you are the greatest teacher and I have the utmost respect for you, you are a great friend and a spiritual mother to me... and I feel lucky to know you in this life and to share our connection again in this lifetime. Your teachings continue to guide me and your encouragement and support will always be in my heart.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this..not because I am sad because I know that whether it comes soon or later, death is a part of life..but I have tears in my eyes of joy and happiness for you to complete your karma and be merged as one with the universe, tears of appreciation and respect for who you are and all that you have done in your life, and tears of happiness and a big quiet smile as I am so thankful that I saw you again in this lifetime and I know that I will see you again..perhaps in person, perhaps in meditation, perhaps in a dreamy sleep, perhaps when I finish my karma someday..You are in my heart always.

This e-mail is not meant to be a sad or not too serious e-mail, but is happiness. I am so happy that I can share this with you while you are still here....ha!

Much Love from heart to heart-

Dear Jasmine,
I want to thenk you very much for the reading this morning. I was moved by all that you told me and have a deep desire to go further

Thank you and good luck.

Dear Jasmine,

I have booked my trains for arriving to Chiang Mai at 7am on Sat 5th Jan and departing back to Bangkok at 4.30pm on Sunday 6 Jan. So I would to confirm my appointment/s with your for the weekend.

I need to ask you a question about the healing sessions for me. Two weeks ago, I had a spiritual reading with you and after that reading, you suggested for me to have some healing sessions with you to help some blocks from my past.

Can you please tell me the best times for you over the weekend, so I can arrange transport?

Is it better to do it all in one day or over Sat and Sunday?

Please tell me the cost for the healing sessions.

Looking forward to seeing you and wishing you a very happy New Year.

Best regards,

Thank you so much Jasmine for wanting to help me .

I heard the best of your sessions as several of my friends went to see you.

I am not sure I understand. Will the free session be for me or for my daughter ? When will be this session ?
Could you give me again your telephone number so I can get more information as I am very interested and I hope I can spare some time.

Thanks again,

Dear Jasmine,

first I really like to say: thank you! Your reading helped me very much to
keep going forward. I see a sence in many things, that you explained to me
in a very unique way.

This reading you gave to me, was a very impressive expieriment. I try to understand what you were telling me.

I trust you, and it feels very strange, that I 'don't feel ashamed', that you are able to read my soul as it is. And I really know, that I would like to kick "this deep sitting pain" out of my body. I noticed that it's me, to do this. But I think I need a second push! from Jasmine.

So, I would like to ask, if it's possible to have an appointment with you, to do the "self improvement"?

I could come on Thursday,- or Friday. Both day's I'll study at ITM till 5.00 p.m. Would be beautiful if one of these afternoons would be o.k. Saturday I'm
going to leave Chiang Mai. If it works, then there is just one last question left: The Charge of the course?


Dear Jasmine,

I met Sissy, a German girl in Ko lanta and she told me about you.

I'm very interesting in a Reading session with you. I think I do know myself quit good, but I still struggle with some things. Maybe you see things I don't. I will be from the 19th till the 27th december in Chiang Mai (want to do some Thai Massage courses aswell).

Can you tell me what a 90 minutes session would cost (is this with tapes aswell..?) or can you offer me something.

Would love to hear from you!

Thank you and I'm looking forward to meet you.


Thank you so much for yesterday. It was amazing. I didn't understand everything, but most of what you told me, was so familiar...it is really me and how I feel inside.

I decided not to come tomorrow. I feel it will be too much for me. Doing Thai Massage and working hard on myself at the same time. I always want to do so many things at the same time...and I now that that is not good for me at all. Since I'm travelling I startet to listen more and more to my body and listen to what's inside.

The only possiblity would be on the 27th. But When you think that one day wouldn't be enough for me... it might be better, when I come back, like next year and then really take my time for it. Or can you recommend someone in Austria, where I could go to?

Love to hear again from you and once again... thank you so much. I will start working on myself...


Melanie Amor-Hendriks
e-Mail: melanie_amor@yahoo.de

Dear Jasmine,

Thank you for the session last week, it was very informative and an accurate reading of the dynamics of my life and nature.

I have decided I would like to do some healing work with you. Are you free to work with me for 5 days beginning Monday 2nd June?

I look forward to hearing from you.


Louise Brogan
Top North Hotel
Room 115
053 279623-25

Hi Jasmine,

Thank you for your lovely email and supportive words. I am glad everything is now
alright after Singapore. Indeed it will be lovely to work with you again, but I do not think I will be back in Thailand until about next October. In the meantime I have all those exercises to practice and it is in connection with these that I have a question....and of course everytime I do one of your exercises, I will always be thinking of you, my teacher and guide, so in some ways we will still be working together. I hope your garden is as peaceful and wonderful looking as ever and say hello to the dogs from me too!

take care


Lynne Bradley"My curiosity over the nature and power of kundalini energy finally won me over and I followed meditation sessions with Jasmine on three occasions over a period of a few months. With meditation tools such as visualization and vocalization, I opened myself to an intense experience of new sensations and mental images cumulating in an emotional release. Jasmine's guidance, warmth, serenity and trustworthy nature played an essential role throughout my healing process. By activating/opening my chakras during this inner energy work, I later witnessed some improvements both on my mental and physical wellbeing. In fact, some of my long-time health problems were eradicated or lessened as a direct result from these sessions. I strongly recommend kundalini meditation to anyone with an open-mind and eagerness to embark on a rewarding journey into self-discovery and healing."

Lynne Bradley, Montreal Canada

Peter Coats"I am a Quaker and have practiced meditation for over 25 years and made my appointment with Jasmine in a spirit of curiosity rather than the scepticism more often associated with people who seek the advice of clairvoyant healers. I was astonished with the clarity of her reading and, if I may use a Quaker expression, how much it spoke to my condition. It left no doubt in my mind that I had met a very gifted healer and friend "

Peter Coats

"After I got the reading from Jasmine...I feel such a release and know because my situations are much clearer."

Leslie Ford, Oregon U.S.A

"I called to ask Jasmine to help me with my low energy flow. After the first sessions of self-processing, i began to notice a change. Then I decided to do three weeks of intensive training. After the first two weeks, I was impressed with my new ablility as a healer. Most of my pains were gone. I knew that i was cleaning my energy very deeply. I began to understandmyself better, and i started to work more with my karma pattern. My energy system was transforming. Every day of training, i became happier and more self-aware. I am also more aware of the energy that surrounds me, and i am able to live freer than before."

Andreas Brugger

"I havent' met with Jasmine personally, but a friend of mine is one of her students. This friend told me that i could send Jasmine a picture of me and she would do a reading based on the picture over the phone. I decided to try this, and her reading was very accurate. It also helped me know myself better."

Linda Wong, Hongkong

"I drove in to see Jasmine without making any reservation and saw her tauch one group of her students...i waited until she came out and had asked her to give me reading. Immediatly she was cleansing me up with energy balance i felt so release and warm then she began to tell me about my situations ...My tears is over me...Yes. she hit me so deep and so helpful for me to release after 30 minutes of special reading...she is the great teacher and healer..for me."

Eric Shore, England

"I got the reading form Jasmine last year and came back to ask her for my directions for future..she had told me something that i have no ideas..but now i am writting her to confirm that her reading about my future is become real..and i am very happy with the man that she saw..and we will become mother and father soon... ...thank you..Jasmine.."

Jennifer Brughars, Netherland

Dear Jasmine, I am a friend of Jocelyn, he spoke much about you and I hope to meet you when you come to Paris.
I feel blocked in my self-development and auto-destructive, even though I have received much spiritually and a lot of tests in my private life. I feel I should give to others but there is much fear in not being accepted.

Much Love

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