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Can Your Spirit use a lift ?
by Ed Strachar

A 90 minute quest into the unknown that revealed to me knowledge that could have only come from one source !

Well, I personally felt it was time for a change and I found out about this lady named "Jasmine", a recently famous clairvoyant in Europe who came back to her roots here in Chiang Mai. A seemingly genuinely friendly woman that was actually surprisingly normal compared to the stereotypical Hollywood depiction of people with these talents. Jasmine simply explains, auras, Jesus's powers, the 6th sense etc� to me in such a simple way that only true masters are capable.

Going forward, our first session began; Jasmine gently closes her eyes, Jasmine then slowly starts reeling off stuff about me that was accurate but general enough for me to keep a bit of wonder if it was real? I guess she got warmed up, because she then started hitting dead center on topics and deep characteristics of my personality. Stuff neither my Mom has yet figured out and even my own sister, after 39 years of growing up adjacent to me, wouldn't have a clue on !

I sat on the edge of seat scrambling for a pen and paper a started writing faster than the land speed record so I could get all this on paper. I ask her about an old girlfriend of mine - who I wondered about with a bit of sadness that I didn't hide very well. Half of the answer I already knew, so it was a bit of a test and Jasmine it seemed had the answers in a magical way that they were very specific yet general enough as to not get bogged down in the details. The half of the answer that I didn't know blew my mind and still has me thinking to this moment. I was so spellbound that when Jasmine asked if I had any questions , I was speechless.

I've come to believe that each of us has at least one godly talent - Jasmine was fortunate enough to discover hers. This was an experience that will take me years to truly understand�. The great mystics had this ability and somehow I felt I had just met one yet to be discovered. This one had a cell phone and is available to the public for personal sessions!

I only wish I had known met Jasmine in my teen years so I could have avoided all those costly and embarrassing mistakes in life, but then again, I was probably too hardheaded to listen back then. I then recalled a Buddhist proverb: "When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear"!

Ed Strachar is an author/speaker specializing in high-speed learning, optimal performance and the power of the human mind.

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