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An Exceptional School in Focus?
Report by Ulrike Weber (transcription/translation by Bruno)

About: die internationale Schule fuer Intuitionsentwiklung ISI
The international school for development of intuition.

Wonderful, inspiring and mind-expanding experiences make me feel compelled to write about my encounter with this school. It has enriched my daily life and increased the ability of my soul and spirit.

In 1989 in Munich where one of their first lectures in Germany has been given it was in a bookshop. The subject of the teaching was about clairvoyance, healing and work with the chakras and the aura.

Very soon I have realised that the ISI-school is teaching essential higher knowledge which is used jointly for research and experiments.

The school was founded in the United States and existed many years before the school started to work in Europe, mainly in Austria and Germany. Until now more than 6000 people have been trained in healing and clairvoyance. Many of them work as clairvoyant healers nowadays.

These training’s are available in Thailand by the Pothiyalai Centre.

I am mostly impressed about the easiness and efficiency of the ISI-methods because I have found out through my own personal life that God is very close together with the simple truth.
It was a very unusual experience for me, to realise that neither intellectual knowledge nor the psychological point of view is learned at he ISI-school. The subject of the school is fundamental divine knowledge, which can only be received and learned by developing a higher consciousness. This belongs to a verbal tradition and can only be learned by doing. My experiences of development and knowledge were the result of an extensive far reaching.

Transformation of my self and it cannot be compared to common schools. The education at the ISI-school is a wide field of experiment and training. Shortly after beginning of the training students come into contact with their own higher self so they can begin to act. In this I see a great support to develop spontaneity, courage, self-respect and responsibility.

The ISI-school sees the ability of intuition as a potential, which is latent existing like a seed planted in every human being before birth. This seed can be revived, Liberated and awakened from the limitation of the usual consciousness. If we fulfil the duty of our souls to search, to tend towards the awakening, clairvoyance is a milestone of the path. We are taking over what was always in our possession but our usual awareness has not realised.

Learning at the ISI-school is a subject of adventure and re-discovery; it is the path of a pioneer who is searching new land to conquer. If it is found the digging for treasures begins.
The ISI-school is a mystery school; a school for life and it leads the students to a most interesting journey on the way to them-self.

Shortly after the first deeper experiences with the ISI-techniques life starts to change fundamental and turn into a new kind of being.

After all my experiments over years I have done with psychological oriented Therapy and self-experience-groups I have mentioned a essential difference compared with the ISI-methods: The patterns and mechanism of thoughts and habits from the past, which get stuck and block our whole energy-system come into awareness, can be expressed and totally wiped out with the ISI-methods. Residues from past-experiences, which are spiritual nature, can be wiped out and the energy can flow without hindrance and diversion through all the structures of the personality. The process of transformation is equal to a deep cleansing, equal to a reconditioning of the personality.

Dr. Vishnu says, “with the ISI-methods you are reaching totality, by accepting the human being in all of its structures and functions of all the different levels of consciousness. From this position, the forms of thoughts, which cause deceptive feelings, perception of separation, superiority and worthlessness, can be withdrawn from the identity.

Understanding increases co-operation and the final result is that all the different structures and functions of each level of awareness, experiences unite with the eternal present of the trough-self, which has created all of them.”

So human being is liberated to accept the spiritual power of the soul, which has human-divine abilities, and it can integrate them. The divine heir one has conquered back raises him to the sovereignty. In connection with his higher self he experiences unlimited infinite nutrition. If he takes over this high responsibility he can be the creator of him self, being a helper and servant, a tool for the universal laws and intentions.

The benefit for myself I have taken from the ISI-school is the deep realisation of my through life task, my inner calling shows the sense of my life.

It is impossible to mention all of the subjects the ISI-school is teaching. A book would be the better place to do so.

So I just mention a summary of all the fields and abilities.

Clairvoyance Training is taking a wide and important area and it is a fundamental condition for the ISI-methods. It has nothing to do with fortune telling. It is a “clear seeing” which results from a trained perception and an increased consciousness. All participants of the intensive training are lead competent towards Clairvoyance, which they can use professionally, or private. The structure of the ISI-courses contains lectures for beginners and advanced studies as well.

Following lectures are for beginners: Self-Improvement training is the Self-processing, which is cleansing and integration of the personality; the development of clairvoyance, the creation of the immortal light-body.

Advanced courses contain lectures about how to: develop higher levels of clairvoyance, higher levels of awareness, healing through the higher self.

The higher courses are based on the beginner courses but each course is an independent t unit. This allows the students many possibilities, corresponding to their capacity and personal life circumstances, to enter the school.

All The ISI-techniques courses are divided in meditation work and practical work, so each one can verify his skills by doing. Beside the particular skills and abilities which appear with the training of intuition, there are many subjects one deals with by exploring consciousness as there is: occult societies, world meditation, akasha-chronicle…

The ISI-methods were created for the 20th century and they show the characteristics of that time on its ultimate level. Some elements of these methods can be found in old China, with the Taoists, Buddhists, in the old mystery schools, by the rosecrucians, the alchemists, and the humanistic psychology.

The higher aim of the ISI-school is the awaking of higher awareness to develop spiritual talents, which belongs to mankind. Growth needs always investment into one’s-self and it opens the perspective to experience the golden age by creating it in our selves. We prepare our self to receive more light by transforming the frequencies of our energy. Low attitude energies will be wiped out by relieve ballast from the past. Care free and full of receiving joy we reach our home, the source of love, truth and wisdom. We will be able to live a free life in peace by detecting ourselves as god-like beings and accepting and uniting with the divine plan of the highest being in the universe.

The principles of the ISI-school show its inner connection to the gods
Each participant of the school confesses to the following:
  • He takes full responsibility over his own energy.

  • He takes the time he needs to ground himself and he experience himself in his body in the present time (here and now!).

  • He stays emotional neutral and he is aware about which energy is his and which belongs to others.

  • He does not undermine others by taking over their problems. He does not create dependency, he is teaching the laws of autonomy and free will.

  • He never misuses his skills to manipulate or control other people and he is using his clairvoyance to see the truth of every human being.

  • He is searching the easiest way for others, how they can gain the energy, which they need and then show them the way.

  • He is reading the past and the future of other people only by regarding to the possibilities and let them free to create their own future.

  • He sees the others as equal human beings and gives them the respect every physical-spiritual being deserves.

  • He respects the privacy of others because this is sacred to all souls.

  • He devotes his life to the purity of his essence and to the truth and he helps others to find their own purity and truth

  • He gives his own undivided attention to every soul and its peculiarity.

  • He respects each soul as heading towards health, well and truly- being.
It is a few years sense I have passed my first courses at ISI and I am working now with my clairvoyant and healing skills professionally. The ISI-techniques are very useful and I work successful with it. As being a healer, a transmitter of universal energy and truth, it is absolutely important to handle the own energy-system balanced, enlighten and stabile. The advanced techniques to clean, to strengthen and to regenerate the aura are most essential for my work with people.

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