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The Way of Honesty
by Jo

Like a lot of people, all my life, I was looking for a special "Thing". The "Thing" that make us live in harmony, peace and love. All my life, from martial arts, to various energy work, to mental control technics, and healing teachings, I was looking for something inside or outside of me which would make me able to master myself and serve people who need help. But, I felt I was always circling around that "Thing", without touching it. In 2001, during travel in the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand with the purpous to learn more about my passion for healing, I completed that search by discovering the Pothiyalai Center and Mrs. Jasmine Vishanu. First, a clairvoyant reading placed me front of myself, my troubles, all that I was the only one to know and gave me the answer to my perpetual question : "Why my life is like that?". And I decided to change "that"! Jasmine taught me how to clean my own energy, to see and discover by myself all my blocks and how to make them disapear definitively. This method drove me directly to the famous "thing" I was looking for, called by Jasmine :

"The Higher Self".

Then, returning to my country, I learned always more and more about myself from the Pothiyalai's marvelous technics.

Today I'm sure of this : Like the larger rivers all originate from little sources; like the higher fires all originate from small sparks; we can make and create the greatest wonders in our life by drawing Light and Love in our "Higher Self". Then teaching will no longer be from outside to inside but from the appetite, realisation and application of our greatest energy potential to our daily life. For that reason, I consider Mrs. Jasmine Vishanu a teacher of Freedom... and my greatest teacher.

Enfin, pour tous les visiteurs francophones de ce merveilleux site, je rajouterais ceci :

Loin des longs discours th�oriques, philosophiques, loin des mots qui flattent, des pouvoirs de certains pseudo-gurus manipulateurs, pour moi, seul un enseignement tel que celui dispens� par Mme Jasmine Vishanu, bas� uniquement sur la pratique, intense, vraie, parfois difficile, peut nous mener � ce qu'il y a de plus gratifiant dans la Vie d'un �tre humain : se d�barraser soi-m�me de ses propres probl�mes pour d�couvrir son �tre v�ritable, source in�puisable d'honn�tet� vis � vis de soi-m�me et de tout ceux que la Vie nous invite � croiser, et construire chaque jour sa destin� de mani�re consciente et �panouie.

[Finally, for all of the French speaking visiters to this wonderful website, I add this: Far from lofty theoretical or philosophical discourses, far from flattering words and manipulative pseudo-gurus, for me, there was only one teaching, given by Mrs. Jasmine Vishanu, based uniquely in true, intensive practice, which is at times challenging, that can lead us to that which is the most gratifying in the Life of a human being: to free one's self of one's own problems and to discover one's true self, source of (inpuisable?) honesty, face to face with that self and with everything that Life invites us to experience, and to build each day one's own destiny consciously and (panouie).]

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