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Facing My Self
by Daphne Davis

I first met Jasmine for a Life Reading to understand why I was having intensely-real, haunting nightmares. Little did I know that the life reading with Jasmine would change my life in ways I could never have imagined. I am a relatively outgoing, adventurous person in life, but there are things about myself and my past that I protectively hold very privately inside as sacred. In the Life Reading, Jasmine shared with me my own truth. She was able to see and explain very tangibly that which is so personal to me, my lightest and my darkest self. I was mesmerized.

In the Life Reading, Jasmine told me things about myself that no one knew. She explained what was happening with my energy and how to successfully get rid of the nightmares. The Life Reading woke me up to my own reality and what I needed to do to live my life the way I wanted to, with peace inside.

I began Self-Processing with Jasmine soon after the Life Reading as I felt ready in my life to face myself. The Self-Processing felt so natural and comfortable for me as a healing process of releasing energy that was making me feel heavy and confined. With Self-Processing, Jasmine taught me how to take care of myself. I was able to see for myself my true nature and how to best utilize my own energy.

In Self-Processing, I literally experienced my own energy change and become more free. It became quickly obvious to me that what I was experiencing in studying with Jasmine was a rare once in a lifetime opportunity to learn. To be honest, words cannot encompass the cathartic transformation that happened in my life.

Fluidity. Light. And a neutral balance between complete emptiness and completeness. To ever have something connect in my life has always seemed significant to me. In each session with Jasmine, both in Self-Processing and in weekend seminars, I felt the puzzle pieces of my life connect and align - I continue to be mesmerized.

Through all the energy work with Jasmine my ability to see clairvoyantly developed very naturally. I decided to go with it. Experiencing how much Jasmine's clairvoyant ability and energy work has helped me in my life, to share the opportunity for this experience with other people felt so comfortable for me that I chose to study clairvoyance. One of the many things I am grateful for learning in the Clairvoyance Training is how to use clairvoyance to help people while still maintaining a healthy balanced life. She wisely taught me how to stay grounded and keep myself healthy while working with energy. Her teaching style is one of guidance, wisdom, and encouragement: she allowed me to truly learn from my own personal experience as she recognizes an individual's ability to develop from their own truth.

Jasmine has taught me how to use clairvoyance as a tool in life to help others and to help myself. Studying clairvoyance with Jasmine was the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life because I truly had to commit to being honest with myself and continually maintain awareness of myself in order to share what I clairvoyantly see to really help people . I not only had to completely let go of my insecurities, fears and ego, but she taught me how to check my own direction as a clairvoyant so that as I work independently as a clairvoyant, I am able to continue to grow. Jasmine is my greatest teacher thus far on my journey in life for she has given me the tools so that I may be my own teacher.

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