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What is Reality?
Report by Olivier

Dear Jasmine,

Already 3 weeks almost that I came back to France. And I have not written to you very much eventhough you are beside me, in my heart and supporting my days and activity everyday. I have been using the techniques I learned with you very much and in different ways. Every morning, I spend between 1/2 hour and 1 hour to do centerhead with "..........", grounding process and ".............", one after the other and again and again and again. This helps me a lot to clarify what is going on inside, go into it and get rid of some disturbances, look at them and push them outside. In the last couple of days, I feel it is difficult for me to get to centerhead: the center head is always a few centimeters to the right side and my left side (head, arm and chest) feels like empty; and it takes me going into that emptiness again and again to start filling it up. Usually, this practice brings me to a situation that I can run the day from quite a clear standpoint, do what I have to do, meet with people and situations with quite a good level of centerhead. As I walk in the street, ride my bicycle and go into the bus, I keep doing the centerhead practice as well as the grounding; and this helps me quite a lot to remain strong and clean energetically. Sometimes, during the day, I feel that I just do not have the strength anymore to keep centerhead and it usually means that I am tired and need to go and take a 20mn sleep. This is very good because usually in the past it was very difficult for me to feel and accept that I was tired and to go to rest; therefore, I would always go beyond my borders and be axhausted all the time. In the last few days, I met with a few people or situations that bring me back to an unhappy, sad and difficult period of my childhood, around the age of 8 or 9: I met with a girl that was in the same school at that time and gave a connects to a girl that somehow connects me to a woman used to work at my parents in that time and was always quite dirty and smelled quite bad. This morning, as I was doing my processing, I felt that I am going into quite heavy things and it is difficult to go through it; in fact, I practiced for about 1 hour and still feel heavy after the practice, just as if I have not gone through the things that need to be gone throuhg. This morning for the first time, I felt that I would love to be in your property right now and get your support to push through it. Since I came back to France, I am always very happy with the work we did together; I feel it gives me much more clarity and power to do what I need to do here. And I am quite glad as well that I come back to France and practice this in "real life"; somehow, I feel that it makes me stronger, more independant and also prepares me for the next time I will come to work with you. And I am still looking forward to doing it the next time I will be in Thailand.

Since I came back to France, I have been working quite a lot with massage: in 16 days, I already gave 19 massages and have one more tomorrow and the day after tomorrow before going down to the mountains. Your techniques have also helped me a lot with my practice of massage. First of all in order to get ready for the massage beforehand; I can go though what feels heavy and disturbing inside, look at it and push it outside; and therefore, I meet with my client with a much cleared feeling, self confidence and power. Since I started to work, I had a few people with heavy problems but I do not feel afraid or incapable; I always have the feeling that I will manage and in fact, I am receiving excellent feedback from the people. They are very impressed and happy with what they receive; it is very new for most of them. I love that work in fact and want to do it more; it is a whole support for learning and developing more. Before the massage, I also used your techniques several times in order to connect to the person I will work with before she comes and get insight into the person and know what she needs; maybe that is already some kind of clairvoyance practice; usually, I get inspiration on what it is I need to work on mostly with that person on that day and what moves I need to include in the massage; and it happened a few times that, when the person tells me what she feels or needs before I start working with her that it corresponds exactly to what I had visualized before through intuition. After the massage, when I have the chance to do it, sometimes right after the massage, sometimes later in the day or before going to sleep, I use the same techniques again in order to go through what happened during the massage and process the whole thing. I think that this is for me a way of learning about myself and my clients but also a way to purify myself and not get overloaded and sick from what I receive from the people.

A few days ago, I gave a massage to a girl (the one who connects me to that woman who used to work at my parents in my childhood and smelled bad) who works herself as somekind of therapist. I did a massage of almost 2 and 1/2 hours and after that, she started to say that she feels like crying and went a little bit with her through that process using at some point the deep sound of Tibetan bowl in order to accompany what she was going through. I did quite a lot of work with her on shoulders and heart chakra because I felt that she has some blockages there (I had visualized it before the massage and she also expressed it when she came in). It was very difficult for me to bring that treatment to a conclusion; I felt she always wants more and more and more from me and I did not know very well how to cut it; at some point, I told her "that will be enough for today" and I gave her the little purse with elephants painted on it where I always ask my clients to leave the money (I follow your advise not to receive money hand to hand and feel very glad with that way of doing) and I left the room in order to let her change her clothes and make her understand that it was time to conclude. The session was in my parents appartment and somehow, I sometimes had the awareness of my parents being not very far and I did not feel totally free (but not very much disturbed either as I was well centered on my work and on the treatment). She finally left and I had the feeling to have given an very good session. She was also very happy with it and gave me quite a good amount of money for it. When I opened my email 2 days after the treatment, she wrote that she was very happy with the treatment, that it was some kind of a very much sacred time for her, beautiful time; buth then she wrote a long paragraph telling that she would have preferred to give me the money hand to hand rather than leave it in a purse while being alone in the room, that it would have been better for her if that time of giving the money would also have been part of the sacred time of the whole session. I wrote her back telling her that I also had been very glad with the session (it was quite special in fact) but that I had taken the decision to deal like this with money because the energetic exchange during the treatment was already extremely strong and I did not want to take more of the suffering of my clients through the money they give me; I am very clear with that decision but somehow, since I received her mail, it keeps coming back to me again and again, something disturbs me and I have not yet succeeded to go through it; what I have reached so far, is to see that this girl connects me to the woman who used to work and live at my parents appartment when I was a child and who was quite dirty and smelled bad. She was sleeping in the room next to the room where my brother and myself where sleeping; the same room where I always went while working with you in your property.

That it about all what I have to share with you now. My global feeling is that the work we have done together has brought me to a place where I have much more self confidence and clarity. The work of massage is giving me much happiness and a sense of focus. And it seems that I also have much more clarity and focus to bring clients in; my sister has also helped me a lot telling her friends about my work when I went to visit her where she lives near Switzerland; and I gave 2 massages almost everyday the whole time I was there. The cards are helping quite a lot to make contact with people and promote my massages; it gives a more professional feeling and my friends and clients can give them to their friends...

On next wednesday or maybe on friday, I will take my mothers car to go down to the Pyrenees to my house. On the way, I plan to stop in Poitier where Coocky is and spend a few hours or a full day with her overthere. I look forward very much to meeting with her. She sounds to be happy with her stay in France. I will sign for the house on May 10 and will then start working there; about every month and a half, I am planning to come to Paris and go to where my sister lives in order to give massage. Are you still planning to come to Europe this year? I hope that you are well Jasmine. Thank you for everything. Much love,


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