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Professional Seminars
Long Distance Training
It's new techniques to teach the students that had finished the 500 hours of Professional Training.

With the pothiyalai method is away need to practise and booth up all the life energy with certain level to be able to create and develop new energy system ( individaul talent or special gift) for great personal growth state. You need to have clear guidance to go further as the spiritual growth will never end. How much you are practise self-processing to improve your spiritual growth how much you will know yourself more clear and more confidence yourself on this path. And for this technique is alway will help you to improve your energy flow as keep your energy in the nuetrol position and with power truth alway. Help to balance your energy and make all the energy lines free of blocks and keep circulate the energy with more easy and more effection to your health and your working space. Keep your daily life with full conciousness and awareness with both feet deep in the earth with your big heart open.

This training do with long distance when any students has just write the e-mail or send any of message. Jasmine can easy read the student state and know what's going on with the student and can easy help the students to process their own problem to the higher level of self development.

It's new and nice to be able to teach and keep good contact with all the students. Most of students that have this training are alway feel deep understand and feel more confident with in themselve like learning in the class room with teacher.

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