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Professional Seminars
The exploration and enrichment of a Multi-Dimensional Approach to Ulterior Kundalini Healing Training

How to build Ulterior Kundalini healing on a Multi-Dimensional Approach (a group of clients) is dedicated to the exploration and enrichment of Ulterior Kundalini Healing Training

The training includes body psychotherapy, psychological processes, deep self-introspection, high sense perception, the integration of the creative arts with the healing spirit, and the development of a professional presence. Meditation, channeling, and personalized spiritual practices in which all religious persuasions are welcome completes the full spectrum of the healing curriculum.

This is accomplished through learning Ulterior Kundalini healing modalities and hands-on techniques utilized during class.Students learn through lectures, demonstrations, practice and direct experience mastering the most valuable aspects of many techniques and approaches to healing.

The class is given to those students who desire the most comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Ulterior Kundalini healing for health care, spiritual understanding and to develop a strong sense of personal responsibility, integrity, joy in creative expression, and delight in discovering and bringing forth their unique work into the world. A specialized objective of this course is to provide an integrated approach to health and wellness utilizing skills and techniques in the field of Ulterior Kundalini Healing.

This course combines lecture, demonstrations, techniques, and professional skills, along with hands-on experience in the classroom, as well as an internship and externship. The class provides a uniquely powerful and safe environment in which healing can take place on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels

You will learn how to:

  1. Practice the power of the subconscious mind to separate the energy of each character structure, the personality makeup of different clients at the same time using the higher technique of Ulterior Kundalini sensory systems.

  2. Set, establish and focus qually and balance to expand the deeper skills as a professional health-care provider for different clients at the same time as well as learning how to heal different clients at the same time with clearer and more effective methods.

  3. Develop a new generation of distant healing with more simple and effective methods for balancing and healing your clients.

  4. Microscopically focus on vibrating exercises to center and gather power to exchange experiences and receive spiritual guidance.
  5. Channel the spiritual teacher for external guidance and create holistic healing modalities.

  6. Explore your healing processes by practicing the skills and techniques through demonstrations. Individual attention is given to guide the student's progress with a flowing, thorough and effective style.

  7. Express the Ulterior Kundalini Sensor with microscopic internal vision using creative process of healing from a Multi-Dimensional Approach exploring deeper processes of disease

  8. Observe other students in order to sense psychic spaces and see the human aura.

Cost : by request

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