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Introduction to Enlightenment

NO guru or spiritual teacher is omniscient being enlightened as a substitute for formal education and all knowing wisdom.

As a very highly developed and highly enlightened being, doesn't mean that one can walk on water, although even walking on water isn't necessarily a characteristic of an enlightened being.

There's a well-known story of a yogi who practiced for decades trying to walk on water. When he finally succeeded, who should come along at that time but Buddha. The yogi was so proud of his accomplishment that he wanted to show off, and he demonstrated for Buddha that he could walk across the river.

Buddha asked him how long it had taken him to attain that, and the yogi said something like thirty years. Buddha said, "What a waste of time. You could have paid the ferryman 10 rupees, and taken the boat across the river."

Buddha and Jesus could demonstrate paranormal abilities and psychic powers, but they didn't make a big show of it. The purpose in demonstrating that at all was a selfless one, to direct people to things that would help to elevate their consciousness, rather than for some self-serving or self-glorifying reason.

There are skillful teachers, facilitators, counselors and spiritual directors around. They are those
  • Who are experienced in the process of helping a person unfold his spiri­tual potential.

  • Who know a lot about unhappiness

  • Who can help you and guide you to know yourself with the impulse to grow from within.

After you will learn:

To have such knowledge, does not mean using your effort to get a formal or academic education. The mind doesn't work that way; human beings aren't built that way.You have to go through training by practicing experiences based on the four Nobels of truth in your daily living. You have to cultivate those faculties of mind with a deeper level of conciousness as an invitation to a great Experiment in order to see the religion of your nature and the philosophy of your being developed and integrated through the brilliant power of the truth and the wisdom of light and love.

The appropriate thing for everyone and anyone to do is to set their heart on realiz­ing God and on attaining enlightenment. But recognize that the attainment of enlighten­ment doesn't confer any magical ability. It doesn't remove the problematic circum­stances from your life at the lower levels of consciousness if they haven't been recog­nized and dealt with. It only means that those circumstances will be more easily dealt with through appropriate psychotherapeutic means, or counseling.

Enlightened beings
can work effectively helping others at any level along the spectrum of consciousness, whether individuals or groups. They are wise enough and experienced enough to create the means and methods to work at any level they choose to work on. With regard to psychotherapy, there are very few therapies around that have been developed by enlightened beings. Most of the therapies come out of psychoanalytic and behaviorial psychology, although humanistic and transpersonal psychology are developing therapies that have primarily been adapted them from sacred traditions and religious practices.

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