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Energy Balancing

No touching, No drugs, No herbs, Non-invasive, Non-religious

You are a creative being and a co-creator of your own reality. Take charge of your creation and create miracles in every moment of your life.

More than 2,500 years ago, the Greek doctor Hippocrates believed that balance is health and that imbalance is the cause of all illness and pain. Many other medical traditions like the Chinese Yin and Yang, also support this theory of balance.

The body (energy center and aura) is a collection of energy and memories. This "energy" or what the Chinese call "Chi" is the Life-Force, which flows through our bodies and includes our memory system. We all have it, and it is inside the energy center called a "Chakra" and all around us called an "Aura".
Within this "Chi energy" remains a lot of our emotional memory system from our life experiences. This links our physical body, emotional body, mental body and spirit body through self-programming.

Energy balance is the best way to clean up and let your chakra and aura be in tune with the right vibrations. According to the original spiritual agreement with your body you can manifest your life force or chi with a better flow. You will be in deep relaxation connecting to the spiritual wellness around you. Gentle energy balancing will open up your body and access the abundance of your original potential energy with great love from mother earth and with deep grounding. In addition, you will access a lot of energy flow with great giving love from the father cosmic of the universal energy. You will be more clear to explore the process of healing, opening up and clearing the energy blocks that are stopping you from manifesting in order to reach your aim in life. Your natural energy of yin and yang will be more balanced and you will be more aware of how energy flows in your body.

When your Life-Force gets blocked by a stressful life event or environment, it has the same effect as a hose in a car getting blocked up. Some parts can overheat, while others go dry and cannot work properly.

A healer is trained to feel this energy flow and with a willing patient, can help to release the blocks to return one's energy flow back to normal. The result of this " treatment" is that a patient usually feels much lighter in body and spirit, and physical ailments may disappear quickly.

Special Offer
Come and get your energy balanced! Students give energy balancing sessions during the weekend seminars.

The Pothiyalai is offering these free sessions during the weekend seminars.

You can also learn to be a great healer in fifteen hours by taking the course "Awakening the life energy force or waking up your "Chi""

Usually this offer is included with a Healing Life Reading from Jasmine

Please make reservations in advance

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