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Healing-Life Readings

Jasmine specializes in looking at the meaning of what one is dealing with. By "tuning in", reading the clients' energy, and receiving information, Jasmine strives to give information that is as clear as possible, unaffected or polluted by any of her own personal life. She is a clear channel and does not have or, bring a personal agenda into her work. Jasmine actually connects with her clients and experiences their energy in order to clearly explain what is happening energetically in their lives.

Jasmine uses her intuitive abilities to provide her clients with insight, in order to facilitate their process in making decisions, as well as shedding light on troubling areas of their lives. In this respect, she serves as a guide for others.She has a strong spiritual and mystical orientation.

Jasmine has multi-level and multi-dimensional consciousness, sensing, and intelligence. In a session, Jasmine directly experiences pure energy and information that is preverbal and exists on a higher level than our three dimensional reality, a level of pure meaning that precedes and creates form.

Healing-Life Readings will give you all the details you want to know:
(1 hour and 30 minutes including Energy Balance)

  • Personality Reading:
    What's going on with you in the moment with the vibration of your energy effect to outside world. How do you react and pretant yourself to the outside world.

  • Destiny Reading:
    The situations that blocking you to grow. As you are repeating the same behavier again and again. Like you can never be able to go out of the carma circle. So can carma circulate with in your life. How can you completed it by yourself.

  • Quadrant Reading:
    Understand your style of communication and validation. The sun represents the expressiveness of the male character; the moon represents the receptiveness of the female character. Each quadrant symbolizes the perpetual development of your personality.

    The first quadrant represents the structural orientation of the physical body. If you can taste it, see it, feel it, then it is real.

    The second represents emotions and associations between people, music and art.

    The third quadrant represents direction, intellect, will or ego.

    The fourth or topmost quadrant represents the spiritual level or transformation.

  • Male and Female Energy Reading:
    Are you balanced? Learn about the male and female energy inside of you. Your Yin and Yang which is located on the right and the left sides of the brain, develops according to your background and upbringing.

  • Aura Reading:
    Learn about your moods, disposition, personality style, and how others see you. The aura is readily visible to the clairvoyant and is seen as organized patterns of color. The composition and structure varies according to the emotional attitudes and experiences of the individual being read. The clairvoyant interprets and translates the aura in terms of symbolic pictures and images.

  • Energy Center Reading:
    What's blocking you from your growth? You have seven major energy centers related to acupuncture meridians and the endocrine gland system. Each center has meaning related to your particular physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual make-up. These are:

    1. Survival ,Chilhood experience, connection to your parents....etc

    2. Emotions,creativity, relationship, sexuality, addiction,

    3. Direction, professional, education,ego, money.Power/Self Esteem

    4. Affinity , love and affair or any spiritual development and self understanding.

    5. Communication/expression of your self. How do you perform yourself to another.

    6. Insight/Intelligence as decision making, intuition development , judment

    7. Believe system..who do you respect or expect to be....

  • Present Growth Pattern:
    What do you want to do now? Present issues, also called the "core picture", and how they are affecting you at the moment are described in detail. Learn how the current issues in your life evolved and how you can deal with them.

  • Questions:
    After reading finished you can ask 3-5 questions

What's Next?
Most of the clients after have the healing life reading. Will continue to take the chance to change their energy pattern with working deep inside themselves with the self-improvement sessions to clean out all the negative energy and reset all the energy system in their body for healthy living.

Demand for these services are immense. Readings are often booked several weeks or months in advance. Reservations are required for an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.


We will send you a reading via e-mail. After received the full payment cost of reading and the photoes or any belonging items of clients. All the question can send back to Jasmine after the whole life reading are done.

We will send you a reading via e-mail. Please send a recent photo with a clear image. We will then email you within one week. You can ask all the questions you want after you have received the reading.

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