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Free Healing Session with the Ulterior Kundalini Healing

This method of healing has been developed by Jasmine Vishanu, a experienced professional in clairvoyant and spiritual counseling. During her deep work with clients and students, she has been very strong in developing her talents with a deeper level of healing. The Ulterior Kundalini Healing is a healing technique that one can learn to use the Kundalini Energy to scan deeper levels of blocks and see the past traumas of clients. By scanning the body with x-ray eyes opens a wealth of information about the client, enabling the practitioner to be able to heal clients within a short time by releasing the energy blocks and letting the client know what past traumas block the energy in their body.

Here is feedback from clients that have been healed by the Ulterior Kundalini Healing, by one of her best students, Marius Anholt:

After i got his healing i do feel a lot of my energy chanel is open and easy to do my meditation and do understand that i have some block to work on.
Mr. Supoth:
Surprise i do feel all the warm energy he is sending to me and surprise that how he know i have heart problems and even the relationship problems with all my partner. Fell good and light after his healing.
I have big migrane problems after i got his healing i do feel very deep sleeping and very light on my head and over my body specail my heart areas

Marion (Belgium):
I felt a lot of vibrations all over my body, especially in arms & feet. I felt very warm especially in my 3rd and 2nd chakras and I felt really very warm all over my body. It really shocked me that he started to tell me about something of my deep problems in just 45 minutes of working with me. Later I felt so relaxed and fell asleep.

Steven (Belgium):
I feel my pains at my neck and shoulder are gone and I felt very warm and a lot of vibrations all over my body, especially in my feet and my hands. And I know that a lot of energy channels are open and let out a lot of negative energy. It's really amazing how a man can do this healing in a short time and he even told me a lot about my deep blocks from my past traumas.

Khun Dang - the owner of Aueng Zea Kam Laung Restuarant:
I felt the deep pains in my heart get very strong and then I felt the pains quickly move out of both of my hands. Then I felt really warm all over my spine, shoulders, arms and feet like I am standing in the Sun. I felt a lot of vibrations and many times I felt he was pulling my neck upright and helped me to relax and then I fell into a deep sleep. It's a wonder to me how he can do this healing because he is sitting almost 3 meters away from me.

Andy from NY. U.S.A:
I feel a lot of thing is moving out of my body and had opened up many part of my body as well. After that i do feel my meditation is going more easy and more deep and more peaceful.

Patheshia from Canada:
I do feel deep warm hit my heart and all over my body. My deep tear of lonelyness is starting to come out and more open for all the energy he is sending to me. During his healing he told me what's my problem is? Is really confirm your reading on me too.

Robert, England:
Yes, he is really warm heart and heal me from inside and outside. He has told me a lot of what's inside me and what's i can feel from his energy is so powerful and very gentle deep effect to my body with all levels.

Here is feedback from clients that have been healed by the  Kundalini Healing, by one of her best students, Santi from Spain

Ms. Poo
It was a mazing how Khun Santi could tell me all everything about my health situation according to my daily behavier. I was so wonder when my sister told me about this kind of healing so i just sit opposit of Khun Santi and he is closing his eyes and scan my whole energy system and pick up each part of my health situation so clear. Thanks. for your help.

Mr. Lom
My sister got his healing before me and told me how powerful of his kundalini energy. during i am sitting and receiving his energy i could feel the wave of warm energy is moving from all the part of my body. Made me falling to deep relax and sleep. After the session finished Khun Santi asked me how do i feel. I show him my both tumbs.

Ms. Cooky
During i am receiving his healing my head felt so light and get deep intrance state. So Relax and light.Felt the wave of warm energy moving inside of my body from toes up to my head and around my body. In the same time i hear Santi told me about his part of my health situation i was so accurated for what's he said. I am no surprised because i was in the class with Khun Jasmine the same teacher that teach Santi so i know he is really very good and now he has improved his study faster than many of us. So happy for him that he is in the right way of his own spiritual path. Love and Thanks, Cooky

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