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Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual Counseling consists of a variety of techniques which helps you see how the energy forms are interupted your life force( Chi ) or had effected to your energy pattern with continuing building the energy block in your body system.

Spiritual Counseling is based on the premise that all illness is a result of unhealthy mental activity. For example, excessive worry and hate are two of the most damaging forms of mental activity, and both are deeply self-destructive. These thoughts and feelings consist of mental and physical energy which harms the body, mind and spirit

Spiritual Counseling heals the disempowering effects of other negative emotions such as anxiety, bitterness, impatience, unkindness, being judgmental, conceit, addiction, greed and avarice.

Spiritual Counseling engages the spirit in finding an individual's strength in order to realize positive life goals and overcome self-destructive behavior. The true riches of life lie within us all. Through appreciation of the wisdom of the past, through prayer and most of all through deep meditation, we can become one with the inner silence that is a part of God. When that silence is reached, it begins to radiate throughout all of one's activities.

"When a large number of individuals radiate this inner silence, Heaven will begin to be seen on Earth."

Dalai Lama

If you're interested in having a private session, please email us at jadequeen168@gmail.com to make an appointment.

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