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Professional Seminars

Jasmine introduction:

It is always a challenge to find the correct life path, one which allows you to be completely open and able to engage in deep truthful communication. The correct profession always allows you work with people you like and in an environment that encourages a full expression of self. Becoming a spiritual guide has proved itself to be the best professional choice for me. It keeps me deeply connected to my intuition and awareness. My role as a spiritual guide has led me to heal others by solving their problems through creating in them to a deep self knowledge and understanding of life.

Since childhood I have been very influenced by many spiritual healers who were mediums. I was a sickly child growing up in a small village far from town without access to doctors or hospitals. I was often sick with many different diseases and my only healer was a hill tribe medicine man. As a child my body was so tired and weak from battling my illnesses that I would often travel out of my body in deep trance. I often found myself channelling the spirit of my grandmother's father who acted as my protector, protecting me from the spirits who sought my demise through my ailments. Channeling was a gift I was born with because my body was so weak. From my childhood experiences with channelling I learned to heal myself while in a trance state, using deep consciousness. I learned to see energy flows in my body as I perceived where they were blocked and what was causing the block. Self knowledge of energy lines, acquired though constant personal effort, has allowed me to know the entire story of my pain and how to see the pain of others.

I have always felt a strong connection to the power of nature stemming from my Chinese father's teachings about Taoism and the balancing of yin and yang. His gift to all his children was to teach us the spiritual concept of Chi. His interest and enthusiasm for chinese philosophies about health and Taoism created a powerful resonance in me. My fascination with chinese philosophy made me love and enjoy Chinese Kung Fu movies. Watching the movies I began to see the same energy flow I had discovered in myself at a younger age, reflected in the bodies of the actors. I could see and predict each step of the movement and understand their meaning as if I was reading them from a book. I became completely involved with this dance of energy and sometimes watched movies more than 10 hours a day.

I was 32 years old when I became exposed to and explored Kundalini Energy. I immediately felt big changes going on inside of me. I completely let go and let that energy guide me deeper and deeper. During that time I got incredible support from my best friend and was allowed to fully expand into my growing state. I felt no disturbance and was totally allowed to be myself. Nine months later I knew that I had experienced a rebirthing of myself and all the negative parts of my energy - deep hate, anger, sex, sadness and suffering were released in the process. I am now living with this Kundalini energy and even when I am at 100% I still trust myself and know I am on the right path professionally. This life path has not just defined me professionally but it has also allowed me to deepen my relationships to my family improving my life and health everyday.

I give thanks to mother earth for allowing me the chance to be here and stand with both feet deep inside her. I love and thank the cosmic father for blessing me with love and light which allows me to channel this energy to both support me and many other humans on this planet. I love and thank all the holy spiritual teachers that guide me to find my soul. I love and cherish the whole family I was born into for my freedom and gifts. I would like to thank my husband that drives me deep past all my troubles and my children for giving me a chance to be a mother, helping me to experience growth and joy. Finally, I would like to thank all my students that help me to improve my life path because I as teach I understand ever deeper truths.

How can you manifest and increase the energy flows in your body? How can you keep the energy inside your system balanced and express it with the right method and right moment of life with truth? With this professional program you will fully process deep blocks inside you. You will have the opportunity to let all of the energy in your body flow in such a way that will enable you to fully understand the whole system of the energy and life style that you are dealing with.

To be intuitive means being able to perceive and act from a source of information that is unavailable to the thinking self. Most people become aware that they are drawing on this source when they have unexpected insight, or act accurately, without being able to relate their own reactions to a logical process.

If these unusual moments are recognized and examined, an internal system of perception can be uncovered. Once the system is identified, it's operation in ordinary decision-making becomes clear and can therefore be developed.

Because most people experience their personal energies unconsciously, their abilities in this field are limited, which gives them no sense of control over their mental and physical well being.

This seminar frees human consciousness from the images and conditioning factors that severely limit expression of the full potential of the individual.

Many people today are beginning to feel an inner pull towards self-exploration in order to find the meanings and purposes of their lives, and to experience that sense of fulfillment which accompanies the carrying out of their purposes.

This seminar is oriented toward practical application, intuitive skills in relationships and in daily life. With it one learns to take better control of one's life, to be in the present and in the now, and also to be able to relax when one needs to. One is able to communicate with depth and clarity, acquire more certainly of oneself and calmer integration of the private and public aspects of one's self. Students are taught specific skills and develop the ability to stay grounded and centered in events, interactions and with the world at large.

These seminars offer you the means to know yourself, to gain control of, and understand your life. These seminars help you remove energy blockages and limiting patterns, and gives you a method by which you can solve your problems and relate to your surroundings in new ways. It also helps you to become a winner with people, creating satisfying relationships and discovering a new art of manifesting solutions to your problems.

You will develop your leadership and decision-making abilities as never before. You will obtain an expanding vision which leads to a greater integration and an integrity that inspires commitment and courage.

From this dynamic comes a process that produces work of unmistakable quality. This quality attracts the support of others, who further empower it.


Professional Seminars are 500 hours. You can be really independent and full confidentail of your ability. With these training. Your life will change in the better condition if you are ready for it.

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