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Professional Seminars Experiencing Self-Improvement Training

From Practising Students

These testimonials are from the clients of my students that have taken the professional seminar and during the class, the Self-Improvement Training and Clairvoyant Training.

More Details...

During self-improvement training, you will be trained in an energy processing technique to help yourself and others release energy. This method of energy processing targets the root of energy to release stored energy freeing one’s inner energy flow and helps to process, heal and transform one’s energy.

The self-improvement training is of two-parts:
  1. You will receive personal guided instruction to learn how to clear and clean your own energy. You will learn to safely administer this technique as well as how to use the self-processing technique.
  2. You will practice using the technique with others during a practicum in order to develop a base of experience from which you can grow.
Focus on the self:
Because one can guide another only as deep as he or she has gone within themselves, it is necessary to nourish the relationship with the self through awareness and practice. To responsibly guide another, it is necessary to learn how to clean your own energy, which also protects you from taking on another’s energy.


Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Be aware of the energy within and around you

  • Tune to your higher self

  • Develop your life and fulfill your needs.

  • Release all the negative emotions

  • Change the negative to positive helping you to heal your past traumas

  • Deal with all the situations of your life with your inner power of truth.

  • See, experience and change your karma pattern in your past life, present-life and future-life.

  • Deal with all relationship roles such as parents, children, husband, wife, etc.

  • Practice secret Tibetan energy-exercises

  • Develop your inner voice and intuition.

  • Resolve your problems by yourself to gain a higher energy-potential in order to obtain your objectives.

  • Find and develop yourself using your own clairvoyant ability.

  • Balance your own energy in order to take care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being as well as to increase your creative energy resulting in deeper comprehension.

  • Create a new way of living with more awareness of your truth.

Focus on how to use the self-processing technique:
You will learn how to use the energy processing technique and have the opportunity in the practicum to practice using the technique on clients.


Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Learn the basic techniques to do a clairvoyant reading.
  • Neutral Position: Tune yourself to the right energy to safely work with clients and do energy work.

  • Recover and rejuvenate after working with clients.

  • Help you and your clients find out about personality and creativity, and focus on your present growth.

  • Appreciate your clients, by being centered and alert allowing you to say and do the right thing at the right moment.

  • Practice the self-processing technique on clients to give you real experiences in a safe environment with mentoring.

Do you want to create a new life with new ability and the possibility to be a great healer, as well as exploring your clairvoyant ability as a clairvoyant and spiritual counselor.

Your next change will depend on you.

Total of 120 hours of teaching with 30 sessions of experience with clients

Cost : by request

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