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These testimonials are from the clients of my students that had taken the professional seminar as: During the class of the Self-Improvement Training and Clairvoyant Training.

This is the feedback from Brono Oppliger that had taken the sessions with all the Students's Practicing from The Self-Improvement training and Clairvoyant Training.


She was on the beginning of her training when I have met her and worked some sessions in self-processing with her. She was working with her enthusiasm of the Youth and I could feel that everything was new for her too. I have only done a few sessions with her, but to experience how good a beginner can do already, convinced me of the truth and quality the method of Jasmine’s teachings consist of.


I can not say that there was no benefit. I learned many deep things about my self while working with her. Even when I felt that she was unsecured in many situations, some small mistakes by naming and locate organs, She was a bit to depended on papers, writing and so. But she meant what she was saying and she was serious.


He is a professional already this was always present. He has led me to deep experiences. I will never forget that strong push of energy I received from mother earth during one of the sessions. We had also a lot of fun, without loosing seriously respect. He was able to help and he can see what he is doing, or at least this impression I had.


Well he became to be like a friend of me.
His reading was ok. I could agree with what he was seeing. Maybe all a little bit too fast, and not deep enough, but that what he pointed out was good.

The self-processing Sessions with him where very good, so he was very helpful with the interpretation of what was going on. I think his own experience helped him a lot to understand. But here too, sometimes I would have gone slower, But it was good.

He really likes what he is doing with you and his enthusiasm creates a good vibration.

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