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Long Distance Reading Online

Most of the clients that meet Jasmine in person are very surprised and impressed by her intuitive abilities , the multidimensional consciousness, sensing and intelligence of her healing life reading. Therefore many will show the photos of relatives or friends to ask Jasmine to do a healing life reading on them.

A higher level of energy is needed to scan on the basis of personal items such as photographs, pens, books, clothing or just the name of the person. Jasmine can perform the following readings on any requested topic.

She reads the E-mail or looks at any other detail in trance with open eyes and the client will be amazed by her special reading talents.

Jasmine will  receiving information on:

The Life- Reading.:
  • The colour of the aura and what is going on with the client at that moment
  • Where the problems originate from
  • How to solve them.
  • What is their physical effect.
  • What is the health situation at that moment.
  • Personality, Who are you.
  • Destiny.What is the  learning experience of your life time.
  • Past lives that connct to this destiny or carma pattern.
  • Checking the balance of the male (Yang) and female(Yin)  in your character showing the influence on your life.
  • Checking the level of communication.How do you receive and express information.How to develop your communicating skills to make your life succesfull.
  • Which are your energy blocks and where in your bodysystems, chacras inner organs and meridians.
  • Any energy blocks in the auras (the energy field around you).How people see you and how you can improve your social life.
  • Which are your possible future options.

 After finishing the reading,Jasmine will send you the information by mail.
You can send her up to 5 questions.

If all this information is not sufficient for you to make decisions on your main problems you can receive a special reading deeper and more specific via the long distance method.

 Additional interesting subjects of the life reading

  • Relationship reading
    The most popular question is:Should I stay married or divorce.In this reading you will get the answer by yourself as Jasmine will show you the clear and true relationship between you and your partner which will enable you to know exactly how to deal with your partner.

  • Financial reading
    This reading is extremely difficult when you have no job or no profession.In this case Jasmine will guide you to find the right professional direction.What are you good in,how can you utilise your talents  to be a happy professional.Any profession you are happy with and enjoy doing will make money without stress and improve the success  in your life.

  • Health reading
    This reading represents your health status. Jasmine will explain your energy flows(chi).She will locate all the energy blocks in your body and tell you why you have these energy blocks, where they originate from and how they affect your inner organs, your meridian lines and points
    in your body.What  kind of nutrition you should have and what kind of exercises will be good  to express and release these energy blocks. On a deeper level she will provide you with kundalini energy healing to flush out all the negative energy.  The  ultimate way of healing yourself is through the selfprocessing method with selfimprovement sessions.

  • Kundalini energy
    This reading is good for kundalini practising.Kundalini is a very high energy that most of the spiritual masters use.Many times they can make mistakes using this energy, as kundalini energy moves very fast and powerfully  through all the meridian lines.Whoever does not know how to be centered, neutral, balanced and deeply grounded might easily be damaged by exploring this energy.In this reading Jasmine will tell you where  and in which level of energy you are and how you can let the energy move more smoothly  and gently in your body system, how to maintain this flow or how to let the energy rise

  • Past life reading
    This reading is good for someone who is curious about deja vu:  I have seen this before.How I know this is going to happen between us .I know you from somewhere. But I do not know exactly when.This reading confirms the information that you have past life experience with something, someone or some place and you  want to find out how you can fulfil your carma pattern with that place or those people in these lifetimes.

  • Higher self reading
    This reading is good for someone who has a strong sense of being protected or guided by their own higher self or a spiritual master.Who wants to know who is protecting or guiding him during the trance
    state or how to get the right energy connection to the spirit. What is the relationship between you and the spirit.

  • Any subject that you request
The quality of the reading will be the same as if the clairvoyant were in the room with the client.

To obtain a photo reading, e-mail a photograph to jasmine@loxinfo.co.th with full payment .Your reading will be emailed to you.

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