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Pothiyalai (Bodhiyalaya)
means the center of light and love
It is not a Sect, has no Guru
It allows you to come and go freely
It guides you to create your life the way you want

Pothiyalai is located in Chiang Mai, "the Rose of the North", Thailand, amidst stunning tropical scenery, spiritual knowledge and enlightened wisdom.

Pothiyalai Center offers: clairvoyant readings, spiritual healing and counseling, weekend seminars and professional training by sharing the wisdom through the Integrated Pothiyalai Method. The Integrated Pothiyalai Method is a multi-dimensional approach because it nurtures all levels of one’s being: physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual using a powerful methodology which embodies intuitive as well as ancient wisdom to provide a practical and grounded path of spiritual awakening.

Participants will learn how to develop themselves via the latest and most effective methods, including clairvoyant and intuitive abilities. Participants will learn how to see themselves clearly as well as experience others in a new light.

The guru or spiritual teacher is enlightened being. By be aware of what's going on with in himself.

There are skillful teachers, facilitators, counselors and spiritual directors around.

  • Who are experienced in the process of helping a person unfold his spiritual potential.

  • Who knows a lot about unhappiness.

  • Who can help you and guide you to know yourself with the impulse to grow from within.

  • Who like the pure water blessing the seeds of a tree to grow and sprout.

  • Who blesses the student with knowledge.

  • Who is a person that has great knowledge, kindness, and honor.

  • Who has the talent to educate others and is committed to discovering methods that make the teaching clear to each and every student.

  • Who knows the truth and instructs with the truth as their guide. Each student is nourished by his or her love and kindness and his or her unselfish sharing of knowledge.

  • Who shares his or her knowledge fully; never keeping secrets or restricting the students growth.

  • Who is a true teacher who inspires and encourages her students to surpass her in knowledge and growth.

  • Who is the one that can teach others to be better than themselves

  • Who is the best teacher in life.

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